Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Gerald R. Ford - Liberator of Poland

Gerald R. Ford - From the 1976 Presidential Debate with Jimmy Carter:

"I don't believe ... that the Yugoslavians consider themselves dominated by the Soviet Union. I don't believe that the Romanians consider themselves dominated by the Soviet Union. I don't believe that the Poles consider themselves dominated by the Soviet Union. Each of these countries is independent, autonomous, it has its own territorial integrity, and the United States does not concede that those countries are under the domination of the Soviet Union."

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Gerald Ford Dead

In honor of President Ford I deliver my most memorable quote from him:

"I hereby nominate Nelson P. Rocker-feller"

Sunday, 24 December 2006

My Family

I'll be visiting my parents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas at Gomez' parents house involves potentially 32 guests. Most of the adults are hard core Republicans. Don't ask me how I turned out to be a Democrat. Everyone else in my family is wrong, of course. And I will be gloating.

Happy Holidays.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Peace from Vicki who ♥ Al Gore

The Immaculate Reception

Thirty four years ago today, a young fourteen year old Gomez was praying his heart out. His prayer, for a change, was answered.

With time running out, at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Steelers were losing to the Oakland Raiders by the score of 7-6. The ball was on Pittsburgh's 40 yard line. There were 22 seconds to play. The Steelers' quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, threw a desperation pass downfield towards the Steelers' Frenchy Fuqua. The Raiders' defensive back, Jack Tatum, batted the ball back. Franco Harris, loafing on the play, caught the batted ball before it hit the turf and ran all the way for a game-winning touchdown. This has been called the greatest play ever in NFL history.

Gomez only heard it described on the radio, as home games were not shown on TV at that time. The next week, the Steelers lost to the Miami Dolphins, who eventually won the Super Bowl that year with a perfect 17-0 record. The Steelers dynasty started that day.

My Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is threefold. To talk about life, politics and the law. I am from Pittsburgh. I'm a 48 year old bankruptcy attorney. I have been posting on Eschaton for about four months. There may be kittie pictures posted in the near future. We'll see if this thing catches on. It may be another in a series of sucky blogs.