Monday, 29 August 2011

Israel Cohen stated years later that enthusiasm for Zionism in New Zealand was not equalled anywhere with such friendly notice in the Press

A number of New Zealanders, moved by the history of their people and its struggle for emancipation, have idealistically decided to settle and live in the land of Israel. Some have descended from well-established pioneer families. Most were in comfortable and secure positions. They believed they would fulfil their life's ideal, as well as retain their religious affiliations, by assisting in the building up of the new Israel and in the rehabilitation of the thousands of the persecuted who have assembled there from the four PAGE 211coiners of the earth. Amongst the first to leave for Israel was Dr Edward G. Joseph, a grandson of the pioneer Wellingtonian, Jacob Joseph. He has become famous in the Holy Land and beloved for his skill, his bravery in besieged Jerusalem during the Arab attacks and his Hebrew malapropisms. His home became a popular rendezvous for New Zealand soldiers during the Second World War. Amongst others who have, for idealistic reasons, departed for Israel, have been Mr John Nathan, a great grandson of the Kororareka and Auckland pioneer, David Nathan, and Mrs David L. Nathan herself, the devoted Zionist leader.
The New Zealand Zionists believe that their task will not be completed until the downtrodden remnant of their people, especially those living in Arab countries, are rescued, rehabilitated and firmly settled upon Israel's soil. At all times, it is hoped, bonds of friendship will tie New Zealand and Israel. For Jews, Israel is the symbol of world peace. Its people are imbued with a noble spirit of democracy and a fervent desire to fulfil the Biblical ideal of the brotherhood of all mankind. New Zealand Jewry is also hopeful that Israel will soon provide it with some of its cultural and spiritual needs— "That the Law will go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

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    ongoing proof the zionist machine is working well in the new zealand and australia