Thursday, 19 January 2012

7K+ Israeli Credit Card Details Exposed By Kosovo Hackers Security (KHS)

Few days ago we have covered that hackers from Saudi Arabia named Group-XP has hacked more than400K Israeli credit cards and they have openly posted on a pastebin release names, passwords, addresses, phone numbers and government ID numbers and so on. 0xOmar a hacker from Group-XP told"We decided to give the world a new year gift". Later Israel govt took this matter very seriously andvows to treat hackers like terrorists. But this threat of Govt. seems valueless to hackers. Today well known hacker group KHS aka Kosovo Hackers Security has did exactly same what Group-XP has done before. They have hacked more than 7000 Israeli credit cards.  Th3 Dir3ctorY, ThEtA.Nu, & X|CRIPO, three hackers from KHS openly posted all the credentials including full name of the card holder, CCV, card no, expiry date and so in tinypaste. Earlier this group has hacked many high profile websites including President of the Republic of MacedoniaUkraine Govt. sites and many more. One of their major attack was taken place when hacker named Th3 Dir3ctorY has hacked the Hotmail server, and he managed to stop the entire Hotmail for more than 12 hrs. Today again they have proved their capability after leaking more than 7K credit card details. 

heres a brief history og the group in their own words 

In a customary evening on 30.05.2008 we took an initiative to forumuar a group who would have you managed to backlash "SERB hacker". This initiative was received for the first time a member of our group who together with KHG H! tm @ N, showed interest in forming a group that you sulmonim Serbian sites, after a brief conversation between these members had decided that for this group to address the invitations to boom3rang, redc00de and chs. 
Once all agreed to be part of this group decided that all attacks will be carried out on behalf of "Kosova Hackers Group" = KHG-CREW =. 
purpose of formation of the group was to sulmonim Serbian sites have also meant that Albanian sites which were not secured to their owners Albanian paralajmronim you close the holes. 
After Kosovo's declaration of independence on February 17, 2008 date and the first attacks Slavs most serious hackers.Serbian hackers were assisted by other hacker from countries of the former. Yugoslavia (Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, etc..), Then the latter attacks began respektivishtë after Kosovo's declaration of Independence. 
Once this group was created and the game really began among them Albanian and Slav. 
Just a day after it was established you set the date 31.05.2008 we sent a serious message to shkijeve address are taking control of the site "FINANS MINISTRY OF SERBIA" for full 6 hours, giving you a front page feature in the BLACK and RED index an article "Kosovo is the State and did you know that the real game has just begun. 
Just as he started this war between us, hackers attacked the site Slavic "Post of inggeris" featuring MSG as "Kosovo is Serbia" and such nationalist messages. Instantly after the attack reached The response from our group and attacking somewhere Institutions 5-6 pages of all the domain Serbia ( This was the second attack still more serious and you know that we did have the opportunity to raised the war in a much higher level, and in a reverse direction. After these attacks normally Slavs began to attack Albanian sites but in this case that only attack sites that previously had hacked into, totally unsecured site. 
This inability to exist because we happen to Serbs as a group managed preliminarily that a large amount of pages you paralajmronim for their omissions were, the Slavs do not have the opportunity to attack. Sometimes we will be forced even to decide on any txt page because we did not have any opportunity to contact you through email address because it seems they forgot to put on their site. 
Somewhere in mbarrim of July and early August of 2008 was the biggest shock that the Serbs do, where somewhere over 400 pages will be able to take control mother for almost 3-4 days, where would you paraqisnim posts somewhere on 8 August 2008. 
Until we Serbs sulmonim different servers and receive qidra site control with Serbia, Serbian hackers were introduced in the large hall, who almost had not yet managed to attack more than 30 pages. As we stated earlier this was one of the greatest attacks you have made ​​some Serbs, somewhere above the 400 sites were under control our group with about 270 pages of them contain domain addresses. yu and. rs! 
Servers Serbs were not already sure, Serbian media began to report it to large attacks that you do. This godasje was and why we some member of this group of hackers slaves to surrender and accept defeat, then managed a compromise that both sides to stop the raids. 
promise that gave the Serbs to stop the attacks were apparently not important to them, again if these slaves were fight by attacking again some 30 pages 2-3 pages Albanian and some institutions in Albania. This action given their word that there was no value to them, revoltoi us beyond measure, and decided that this time sulmonim only sites of the institutions of Serbia and not those sites and private firms. 
In an action to perform on 11.09.08 sometime around 00:30 o'clock attacked on the "Parliament of Serbia" page of the Army, Defence, Ministry of Sports, Economy and some other pages of government, these attacks had written many show up and the Serbian media, had also written in the media world as Reuters, Yahoo's page etc.. 
After these major attacks will also do another crack down where we would do deface site of President of Serbia - Boris Tadic, Serbia's Manual page - Nikola Tesla and some of the most popular portals in Serbia. 
managed to some extent 65% of government websites mernim under control is a major achievement for all Albanians. After many warnings that the Serbian police for an investigation kishite resolving these cases we decided for a leisure time and not getting on these actions. 
This seems to break will last until sometime in early 2009 where again a another group will attack the Serbs site of Energy and Mining of Kosovo. In this case only decided that the same sites you sulmonim Serbia, that attacked the site of Energy and Mining of Serbia for Serbs a day after the attack. It should be noted that the Serbs had managed to exploit the Joomla willing to take control of the site, which was a shame to institutions. After only confirmed that with how they managed to get access to these pages, and we made ​​an unauthorized intrusion and we received under All server control of the Kosovo government, the closed some holes and not touched anything. 
In 1 anniversary of independence of Kosovo, Serbian hackers had warned the attacks, but this time, those of action before the attacks, we as a group we got action and managed to get up very Albanian servers starting from server memory in which were hosted several important sites in Kosovo, as the site of the Prime Minister, the sites of several ministries, etc., the Net's servers etc.. .., all this made ​​some sites that defend them from attacks by the Slavs Albania. For all these we have stated what we have unquestionable evidence. 
Our group, which numbered 5 members (boom3rang-H! tm @ N-KHG- chs-redc00de) to these moments, as written this article, we have control of some 1000 pages of the Slavs, but it seems all these pages paskan been lucky. 
18.Mars.2009 On we lost a member of the group, "redc00de" Therefore we decided to give up these activities so far have taken all together, because we think that now this group is not complete and will not have our beloved friend helps us, and we also gives support. 
RIP redc00de you always will remain in our hearts, you were an angel who will never forget, do not forget the help offered to us, will not forget the great contribution offered to protect the Albanians and attacked our enemy to death. Maybe we would not physically close but your actions will always do that you may live close to our hearts. 
Dhashtë meet the Lord in Heaven. 

Editorial its going to be a very interesting 2012 the sides are vulcanising but it seems the tide may soon start to turn in favour of Palestine with so many high profile hacking crews throwing there weight behind Palestine and its daily struggle to survive .

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