Thursday, 12 January 2012

Behold Intifada V3.0

So these activists tell you: Behold Intifada Version 3.0

► No tear gas works here, we have Firewall in stead of an Apartheid Wall….
► No live rounds we use like you, we are non violent, we use Plain Bytes of Truth…
► No restrictions of movements, we travel fast and free…
► No oppression can stop us, we are many and API is our weaponry….
► No matter you state, we will multiply the opposite truth faster than your hasbara can travel on the WWW….
► No “influence public opinion”-calls needed, truth is shouting out
► The Lobby does not work here, we “work” for free, and feel no call for duty but Justice
► We are many, millions, tireless ,wireless and unstoppable
So… b’Hatzlacha! Let’s see if your lies survive the opinion of peace-, sain-, normal-, loving mankind who do not need a “project” runned by people called to duty to insult their intelligence with more lies than already have been funneled into their heads for over 63 years…. It’s time for truth, human rights and peace for Palestine!
Because we feel human without ideologic restrictions of ignorance, we care, and we DO want to warn you for the consequences of spreading hasbara for it is written:
‘He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes.

 This is cyberwar! Welcome to the frontline, have a n.i.c.e. day...............lulz

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