Friday, 13 January 2012

Hackers write "death to Israel," insult Deputy FM Ayalon in latest cyber attack against Israeli interests.

A group referring to themselves as the Gaza Hacker Team launched a cyber attack on the Israel Fire and Rescue Services' website early Friday morning, in the latest of astring of cyber-terror attacks against Israeli interests.

The same group hacked into Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon's website last week. In Friday's attack the group placed a crossed out picture of Ayalon with footprints superimposed over his face on the Fire and Rescue Services' site.

The hackers threatened to commandeer more Israeli websites and wrote "death to Israel" in Hebrew.

Following the attack on Ayalon's personal site last week, the deputy foreign minister said that breaches of Israel’s cyberspace are a breach of sovereignty similar to terrorism and should be treated as such.
He also referred to the recent cyber theft of thousands of Israeli credit card numbers, saying it was a warning sign, but that Israel – as one of most advanced countries in the world in terms of cybersecurity – knew how to protect itself.

Israel needed to take an example from the US, which recently declared that it reservedthe right to respond to cyberspace attacks – seen as acts of war – with conventional weapons, Ayalon said.

He’s only 17 years old, but the Saudi hacker known as “0xOmer” has already made headlines after publishing hundreds of Saudi credit card numbers in retaliation against Arab hackers, claiming to be Saudis, who published tens of thousands of Israeli credit card details on the Internet last week.

“This is just the beginning,” 0xOmer told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday.

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