Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sacramento websites hacked for PALESTINE


SACRAMENTO, CA - The city of Sacramento took down their websites after they were hacked early Sunday morning.
Maurice Chaney, Sacramento spokesman, said the city didn't learn about the affected sites until 8:30 a.m. They responded  by taking down the websites that included the city of Sacramento main site, parks and recreation and convention center sites.
The city took the hacker's signature offline and sent several employees to troubleshoot the sites and get them back up.
The hacker reportedly wrote, "Hacked by El_mhuammed. This Turkish hacker."
A website by that name brought up on Google contains strongly anti-Semitic views and demands an end to Israel's blockade of Palestinian people.
It was not clear if the hacker left anything but his signature.
One cyber security expert says attacks like these are nearly endless, may come from almost anywhere, and can be very difficult to stop.
Security expert Mark Heckman said the city may also have been very fortunate the damage wasn't worse."If somebody leaves you a calling card and says, 'Hey, I hacked your site,' you've dodged a major bullet because the most dangerous type of attack is where they break in quietly, leave a little bit of code so they can keep track of everything you do, perhaps steal passwords or other financial information without you even knowing - and that can be like that for years and you'd never know," said Heckman.
The city websites are routinely monitored and that is how the city was made aware of the hack. They are now figuring out how the sites were infiltrated so they could get them back up as soon as possible. They have not found the motive behind the hack.

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