Wednesday, 18 January 2012

This is cyberwar! Welcome at the frontline, have a n.i.c.e. day lulz.

This week we saw major escalations in the israeli / Palestinian cyber war,with many attacks some proven other not as in yestersday claimed hack of the saudi stock exchange which closed up might i add. Yesterday heard the call to arms by ox0mar for hackers of the world to unite against israel aslo other groups emerged nitemare and devilsec all sporting major defacements of israeli sights. Time and time again hannibal accuses the pro palestinian hackers of aiming at soft targets not relevent but how relevent was the attack on the MAVI MAMARA or on the children of palestine and gaza .Its a cheap shot by the zionist with this rhetoric that the sites are not legitimate targets i suppose its with this logic that looked upon Rachel Corrie .Its tit for tat but the israelis are coming up short right now with anonymous lulzsec antisec and their pakistani hacker army standing firm for palestine and our muslim brothers . Zionist hackers have yet trump the stealing of scada info something which is near impossible to beat . Turning off water electricity are possible outcome of a scada / stuxnet hack let alone the nuclear angle on this. Speaking of nuclear irans murdered scientist influenced some of this weeks cyber barrages .
Israel can play dirty but when you play dirty back they bitch n moan and play the that old gem anti semitism.
Historicaly this may be seen as the first official cyber war with zionist israel on one side and the rest of the free world and every decent human being on the other whether you realise it or not .

This is cyberwar!

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