Thursday, 19 January 2012

Versus Bank & Other 1.2K Sites Hacked By THA (#OpFreedomPalestine)

 by the The Hackers Army continues. Few weeks ago this group has called Operation Freedom Palestine as a result more than thousands websites hacked by THA & later more than 700 sitesadded  for this particular cause. Not only THA but also hackers from different group and different country has contributed in this operation for example 
 Hactivist Anonymous gave threat to Israel Govt, PCCS has hacked many important UK sites for this cause, Pakistani hacker Hitcher has hacked the official website of Israel's top most IT innovative company Amitec for the same purpose. But THA is the only group so far who have taken this very very seriously and today they have hacked more than 1200 websites including Versus Bank France and many more important sites. The hacker group has also created adeface mirror of the bank website, the list of todays hack can be found on a pastebin release. 

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