Thursday, 23 February 2012

1.000 Israeli website hacked by SLYHACKER 1/9

Israel 1000, this time the Turkish hacker hacked site.
SLYHACKER named after the attack carried out by haker, 1000 Israeli web site was hacked. Turkish hacker hacked site two days, with Israel in 1300.

Yesterday by a Turkish hacker, hacked 300 Israeli sites.
 If the sites hacked by Hacker, Israel, France and the USA where yi indexes were protesting the posts.
A server in Windows 2003 servers and are being targeted by hackers. The hacker defaced the home page of each site probably after “rooting” the server they were all hosted on. The names of the sites hint that they were mostly commercial sites that have fallen victim to this operation simply because they were hosted on the wrong server at the wrong time.
Hack a complete list of the sites, pastebin.
The mirrors Hack sites:
The message left on the sites hacked by Hacker;
By_DAVACI & Death_King & Bozodayi
Down with Israel & U.S. & France!

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