Wednesday, 22 February 2012

300 Israeli Sites Hacked And Defaced by SLYHACKER / TURKISH HACKER

The Hack News provides a list of 300 websites that were defaced by a group of Turkish hackers known as SlyHacker.
Judging by the mirrors posted by the hackers on Zone-H, most of the sites were hosted on .info domains and the servers they were hosted on ran a Windows 2003 Server operating system.

The hackers defaced the home page of each site probably after “rooting” the server they were all hosted on. The names of the sites hint that they were mostly commercial sites that have fallen victim to this operation simply because they were hosted on the wrong server at the wrong time.

The main reason for this mass defacement operation is to show the hackers’ discontent regarding the actions of France, US and Israel. They claim that this operation is just one of many to come.

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