Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hackers strike Israel again LULZ

An international group of pro-Palestinian hackers said they leaked the credit card details of thousands of Israelis in an escalation of cyber attacks on Israeli targets.
The group, called OpFreePalestine, claimed to have published online Thursday the details of 26,000 Israeli credit card holders.
Most of the list comes from a list posted in January by a Saudi hacker, Ynet reported. Many of the details are incorrect or partial, according to the report.
OpFreePalestine is part of Team Poison, which was founded two years ago with the goal of attacking Israeli and American targets online. It reportedly has hacked major websites, including high-tech companies and the computer systems of countries that have ties with Israel, according to Haaretz.
Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli hackers have been attacking each other on the Internet in recent weeks. Thousands of credit card details, mostly of Israelis, have been exposed, and the websites of Israeli targets such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and two hospitals were shut down.


The group, which calls itself "OpFreePalestine" said that "Israel is committing genocide, killing babies and committing all kinds of murder since 1948. And its citizens are funding these acts." The group urged a "digital intifada" against Israel.

Israeli hacker group ZionOps, which analyzed the data, said that a large part of the list was simply copied off the list leaked in January by Saudi hacker 0xOmar.  

OHH WE  HAVE BEEN ZINGED digital intifada"

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