Saturday, 25 February 2012

Iranian Hackers "Cocain Warriors" hit websites airline, National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan

The National Security Ministry said Tuesday that it had disrupted a suspected terrorist group working for Iran’s secret services. To response this, Iranian Hackers "Cocain Warriors" hacked the official website of National Olympic Committee Of Azerbaijan(

Hacker said "We got hack This Site For Political Reason We Want Say To Azeri Governments Thats They are in mistake!!" 

"reale terrorist is israel" He added.

Also ,They hacked the website belong to Azerbaijan airlines ( 

Mirrors for the defacement:
Hackers had defeys the main page of the official website of state television in Azerbaijan. A group of hackers calling themselves “The Iranian Cyberarmy” hacked the official web-site of the Azerbaijani state television AzTV. Yahoo is reported with reference to the Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan. On the main page attackers placed the message: “Life is a game, the game is over!”. Earlier, during a series of break-ins against the Israeli government a group of hackers calling themselves «Cocaine Warriors from Persia», attacked the web-site of Azerbaijani Airlines AZAL. In total, the victims of malicious websites are a number of ministries, as well as portal of the ruling party. Each time the hackers left a message on the affected resource: “The servants of the Jews.” It should be noted that the tensions of neighboring countries has exacerbated the recent arrest in Baku several people suspected of having links with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Tehran, in turn, accused the Azeris, in cooperation with the intelligence secret services of Israel and the complicity in the murder of Iranian nuclear scientists.


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