Friday, 24 February 2012

Israel is more than 300 sites in Turkey Hack slyhacker

SlyHacker, that name is pinned by a Turkish hacker to more than 300 sites belonging to Israel.A number of parties of Israel, the United States and France as a target of this attack also has sent a number of penyayangan and message to the attacker.
Message delivered by the attacker to the various sites were in Turkish:

Hacked by SLYHACKER 
By_DAVACI & Death_King & Bozodayi 
Down with Israel & U.S. & France! 
HACKER All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2006 Turkish Muslims can not be imitated.

Complete list of sites affected by this attack can be monitored from Zone-H in .
this guy has us all on overtime here wow   .....epic 

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