Sunday, 11 March 2012 hacked by pcp

Hacked By Pak Cyber Pyrates
XXx_Death_xXX Was Here!!

#OP Freedom Palestine | Stop NATO


We Dont Want War!! Stop Nato Attacks !! Stop Killing Inocents!!
We demand freedom for Palestinian & Kashmir !! Get them free from your Dads Israel!!
Everyday many people are being killed by Israel soldiers , Womens and children
getting tortured!! Take you men back!! Go to the place where you came from!!
Leave our homeland at peace !! We want peace !!
Go Back !! Go Back !! Go Back !!

When you make a nuclear bomb then its for army and country defending purpose!!
When A muslim state IRAN try to become a nuclear power !! Reason is Terrorism!!
When the People you kill , the women you rape and the children you torture they simply become terrorist !!
You speak against our religion and call it freedom of speech and when we do same... what wil you say us? Terrorist ?? Warriors ??
Dr. Afia Siddiqui tried to killed innocent soldiers with M4 Gun !! Lmfao Its enough .. She has bared all.. leave her!!
And what about your Fucking Ramond Davis ?? Didnt he killed two innocents ?? lol.. you killed them it means they were terrorist ..

You people can kill us!! But you cant kill us all!! You people can catch us!! But you cant catch us all!!
You can try to Disunite us!! But We Bow down to ONE GOD !!
You may destory Our School & Madarsa !! We Will Study on Mats!!
You people can catch us!! But you cant catch us all!!

you can imprison our PALESTINIAN brothers but you cannot imprison our hope. we will fight till the end , and we are coming to take revenge.

we are not afraid to die because Whenever death may surprise us, Let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our Cause...Pak Cyber Pyrates _ Palestine Cyber Pyrates _ Pak Cyber Army ...

WE are: Cyb3r0ck3r | NoSwear | XXx_Death_xXX | Shadow008 | D3V!L-3Y3 | Gujjar Haxor | Rox Root | Dr-Trojan | Dr-Silent


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