Thursday, 1 March 2012

Operation Unmask- Interpol Arrested 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers

Operation Unmask- Interpol Arrested 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers  The international police agency (Interpol) says 25 suspected members of the Anonymous hackers have been arrested in a sweep across Europe and South America. Interpol says the arrests in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain were carried out by national law enforcement officers working under the aegis of Interpol's Latin American Working Group of Experts on Information Technology Crime. "Operation Unmask was launched in mid-February...

‎"A police raid dubbed "Operation Unmask" was launched in response to coordinated cyber-attacks hackers conducted against governmental and corporate websites in Chile and Colombia, Interpol reports."

Interpol do you have any idea what you have gotten your self into? 

We expose corruption, and punish the Oppressors. 

Basically doing your job for your sorry asses.

By arresting us, you a line your self with the corrupt Elite that rule our country's.

Our cannons are charging.

We are now pissed off.

We are Anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us, Interpol.

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