Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Salute To Pukhtoon's Hackers, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD various us/israeli sites hacked

Pakhtoon History

Highlanders and Rulers Pakhtoon due to the poor quality of land they occupy and their insistence on living on higher grounds have always been economically challenged. Their response has always been to supplement their income by working outside their home land.
In the past they excelled as soldiers and were part of every Ruler’s force in India. They were also responsible for making many rulers like the Mughals.
Pakhtoon dynasties like the Khiljis and Suries Ruled over India in their own right.
The Age Old Purdah (veil) & British Rule
Pakhtoon have defied any central authority and maintained their independence on their highland. They even did not accept the Durranis hegemony on the land while allowed them to control main communication lines and cities like Peshawar, Kabul, Jalalabad and Khandahar.
A loose connection with the current rulers was maintained through Agents. The rulers like Babar had to struggle to get married to a Yousufzai lady while a nephew of Sher Shah was killed by Niazi tribe for trying to force a marriage with a local girl he loved.
Pakhtoon preserved the secrecy of the highlands at all cost. On this issue all differences were set aside and all tribes gathered to fight any intruder.

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