Thursday, 1 March 2012

United Nations Armenia Website Hacked and Defaced by Turkey Cyber ​​Army

The Official Site of the United Nations Hacked By Turkey Cyber ​​Army

Armenia United Nations official site hacked
‘Turkey Cyber ??Army’ as a result of the attack was made ??by a group of hackers, because of the Khojaly Massacre, Armenia ‘s official site of the United Nations’ hacks.
This kind of protest actions by the hacker group  happened. 20th anniversary of Khojaly Massacre of the hacker group this time, Armenia ‘s official website of the United Nations were hacked.
When entering the web site hacked by hackers, the hackers are stopped halenb indexes should be dropped by.
Hacker group “Turkey Cyber ??Army,” his statement “I do Azerbaijanis Brothers and Sisters Support Purposes Result of the United Nations Operation in Armenia have Hack’s homepage,” the statement said.
The message left on the site is hacked by a group of hackers,

[Turkey Cyber ??Army]
Eternal Freedom on behalf of the true path of Islam and Turkey.
None No One AİM institutions and organizations.
Sin e 2007 -2012 ©
Turkey & Azerbaijan
Left Out of the Silent Massacre February 26, 1992 date in the world of humanity.
He Hunlarca slain brothers were killed in the history of Azeri Muslims.
Slices were exposed to torture, I do not eat many kinds of juicy ones arriving all the world knows.
The Bloody History Of The Dirty Eden ortbast asking European countries.
Forgive my language in front of the eyes of children of mothers who killed innocent people to be skinned pregnant women’s bellies, their skins are not arriving alive Deşilerek But Vahşce
Who will account to murder. ?
France, Armenia, Israel, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, mother, fuck all of you. Anyway, I KNOW GOD ALL THINGS. One day all of you will answer for them.

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