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Who is Muhammad peace be upon him?

Who is Muhammad, which is followed by more than a billion Muslims

Is it a venerable scientist?

Are is apopular prince.?

Is the Prime Minister of the State of seasoned?

Is it fair king?



The greatest of all of those

He is the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him

Muhammad, peace be upon him that the person who came in more than 1400 years

Letter from God
He said it is expensive to disseminate this message in the whole earth is complying time or place of sex Olon Ochkl

Who is Muhammad peace be upon him?
Is he a terrorist by the Western press?
Or is he the brave warrior who won most of his battles against the enemies?
Or is the genius who between the tribes?

It protected our rights

Remember the rights of men and women and children rights

Protected relationship between neighbors

He established the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims

And family relations systems that ensure the father and mother of human large towards the parents

Prevent injustice and called for justice, love and togetherness and cooperation for the best

He called for helping the needy, visiting the sick, love and advising

Prevent bad Muslims transactions such as theft, fraud, murder and injustice

It is our life and manners bad to good

Muslim .. Do not steal

Muslim does not lie

A Muslim does not drink alcohol

A Muslim does not commit adultery

Muslim does not cheat

Muslim does not kill innocent people
Muslim does not harm his neighbor
Muslim obeys his parents and helps them
Muslim is kind to the young and the women and the weak and the elderly
Muslim does not humans or animals

A Muslim loves his wife and takes care of and sympathetic of his children until the last day of his life

Muslim endless relationship towards his adulthood never

That Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him

Do you know why all Muslims love Muhammad peace be upon him?

Did you know what means Muhammad, peace be upon him for the Muslims?

Every Muslim loves Muhammad, peace be upon him more of everything

Before judging to be neutral, if you want to judge a person you should:

1 - Listen to this person, and you listen to his speeches, to follow his work.
2 - ideas that compares them with logic, what is acceptable to a healthy mind
3 - If you think that I look at do you do applying his teachings?
4 - If he is applying his words, what one must believe
In the end, you will answer yourself to these perplexing questions:

Who is Muhammad

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