Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hackers claim to have accessed Israeli data center files

A hacking group called Remember Emad that claims to stand up for human dignity, unity and public responsibility claims to have hacked into Israeli data center WebGate.
On August 8, the group posted a note regarding a leak of data from the facility, which it said it is considered to be the 10th largest in the country.
“Today we are going to publish the first part of its (WebGate’s) data,” Remember Emad said.
“We have terabytes of data from WebGate, but uploading the whole chunk of data on our servers will take time, so we decided to publish them gradually.”
According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, personal data and credit card information of dozens of Israeli citizens were leaked.
It also leaked the database of the Israeli Presidential Conference hosted by President Shimon Peres.
The group said it will gradually release more details.
On its site, the group said it had details of more than 8,500 WebGate customers.
According to a report by Israel Hayom, a number of banks had taken the allegations seriously and cancelled credit cards belonging to customer’s whose details were believed to have been displayed on the site.
On its own website, WebGate said it manages more than 3,000 Israeli and international sites. It has data centers spread around the word, with 52 servers in total.

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