Thursday, 11 October 2012

A N O N Y M O U S D E C L A R A T I O N 2 k 1 2

A N O N Y M O U S D E C L A R A T I O N 2 k 1 2

Dear Sister’s and Brother’s

Our movement has reached an important stage and spirit need to be revitalized.
In the past, leaders were arrested, or brought to jail. Other’s are on the run. We will not forget them! Much more of us were arrested and treated worldwide.

It must be understood, that we will not excuse this. For every Sister or Brother, who was arrested, treated, accused and defamed,
1000´s and 1000´s of other Sisters, Brothers and leaders are taking part. Taking up the swords and shields, which are falling down. Because our name is Legion!

And more and more stopped searching a teacher, but became a teacher,
and stopped searching a leader, but became a leader.

Therefore we are now under attack. They are trying to divide us, because this is their last opinion. But our lines will stand strong.

And we have expected these kinds of attacks. We know the character of our enemy. Infiltration is part of his system.

So we will handle what we can not avoid. We will be the principles, on which our rules base.

Truth ness, instead of lying
Freedom of speech, but not denunciating
Courage, not fearing
Unify, not dividing

We respect members of religions,
but religious leaders, take care of us!

We respect in Christians,
but racists and Illuminaties, take care of us!

We respect in jews,
but Zionists, take care of us!

We respect in muslims,
but fundamentalists, take care of us!

We respect in believers and non believers,
but occultists and free masons take care of us!

And we remember the spirit of November
And the words we told you, who we are.
We are your Brothers and Sisters,
Your daughters and sons, we bring you the mail,
We drive your bus, we are teaching your children
And we are serving in your army. Don’t forget Bradley Mannings!

And even, if you are a federal agent.
And you will able to say this:

They may lie about us,
They may hunt us,
They may arrest us,
They may torture us,
They may infiltrate us
And even if they kill us

it doesn’t matter.
Because we have been on the mountain top.

Because we are free!

Those among us, who are wearing a mask, but are not living the idea behind the mask,
using it to infiltrate, for capturing accounts and groups

who are denunciating and defaming. Who targeted Brothers and Sisters on paste bin, so that it became, that Brothers and Sisters were attacking each other,

those, who are trying to divide us, handling like kids, based on dumbness or bad character,
those are the real rats!
We will not paste bin you, to beware inner wars.
We will expose you on our sites. We will show the 99%, how cruelty and kindness you are!
Don’t try to divide us!

Because we are legion, divided by zero
We will not forget
We will not forgive
You should better `ve expected us!

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