Sunday, 7 October 2012

Kosova Hacker's Security disrupt Interpol website against Anti-Islam film

A hacker group "Kosova Hacker's Security" based in the Middle East take down Interpol website yesterday. According to claim of Hackers, they are doing this cyber attack on a law enforcement agency to show their protest against the controversial Anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims.

According to the mail notification from Hackers, they claim to DDOS Interpol servers including DNS servers also with a Botnet army of 770 Bots. In more technical terms, hackers are DDOSing Interpol servers with 770 Bots and 65500 packets/second.

Interpol website ( ) server and DNS server was under attack by these hackers. We take above screenshot last night when the attack was going on. At the time of writing this article, may be the website is working fine.

On asking, How they got 770 Bots ? Hacker give a screenshot ( shown below ) of the Exploit pack they are using to infect computers and to make them slave of their Botnet weapon.Hackers disrupt Interpol website against Anti-Islam film : The Hacker News ~

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