Friday, 19 October 2012

Site Hacked par Moroccan Agent Secret = "Nous, Marocains nous défendons notre pays contre (Les Islamophobes) +

تم الدعس مواقع حكومية نيبالية...لا تسألونــا لماذا...فلسفة فقط.
بررررروووبليــــــم آ عشيريي ــــــــ

Nepali Government websites have been aldias ...Don't ask us why ...Philosophy only.
Berrrrrooobli a registration tribal (Translated by Bing)

The group of hackers "Moroccan Secret Agent" which include Algerians attacked sites in retaliation for the big blunder of the death of the King by the Polisario propaganda is true iniatiateur of these hacks.

, for the first time in the 'area outside for a week, the two sites Algerian consulate and embassy of the SADR in Algeria were attacked by hackers group Moroccan Secret Agent, following the publication in the Algerian propaganda sites of the death of King Mohammed VI , the latest attack perpetrated by Moroccan Hackers is Monday 2012-10-15 3:30:27 , as well as the Algerian consulate 2012-10-15 8:54:32 p.m. Monday .

's famous attack in general is made ​​on two fronts.First Group X-Line who hacked MSN Portugaland also Azar36.Exe  on other sites (which will be published soon). This attack is made ​​jointly and in parallel between Groups States , dating back to Monday 15 October 2012. Articles of opposition from certain non editors have lied about the true protagonists and distorted the truth about the real hackers who signed this feat. 's quality, reliability, audience, engagement have a price. Groups release that are dependent on certain Lobby icrédibles have falsified the truth on the line. Moroccan Secret Agent replied that "soon, this case will be solved" and that other sites enemies attack in retaliation for the lies of some pages Facebook. few pictures reached our website to prove the truth of these attacks Moroccan Secret Agent:

Site Polisario Embassy in Algiers

Algerian Consulate website in Grenoble: 

Site Algerian Consulate in Grenoble

Site Hacked par Moroccan Agent Secret = "Nous, Marocains nous défendons notre pays contre (Les Islamophobes) + (Les Térroristes du polisario) + (Les Racistes) + (Les Athés) + (Les corrompus) et tous ceux qui veulent nous diviser" : (Notre devise) = Dieu, La Patrie, Le Roi  

Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.

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