Friday, 19 October 2012

The official website server of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been hacked and the database has been leaked by The Hackers Army from Pakistan.

The official website server of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been hacked and the database has been leaked by The Hackers Army from Pakistan.
The founder of The Hackers Army contacted us in an email about their latest hack, explaining why the hack was done, the founder said that ” a Pakistani doesn’t need any reason to hack FBI, as the FBI itself a reason”.
The hackers gain access of the FBI’s website a couple of hours ago, downloaded the database and leaked it publicly on Pastebin.
The leak data contains address, server address, network IP, Bureau’s address, Vulnerable Open Ports in FBI InterCommunication Intranet and total 295 official email addresses with their plain text passwords of FBI officials.
The complete details related to FBI’s leaked database can be downloaded from:
THA is known for their high profile hacks, in past THA has hacked CNN blog, thousands of Indian and Israeli government owned websites.
It is shocking to see FBI’s website security where the passwords were stored in plain text, making it a piece of cake for the hackers to access them.
This is not the first time when FBI’s servers have been compromised, in past Anonymous and several other hackers have also gained access of the servers, recently thousands of Apple ids were also hacked because of an official laptop of an FBI officer was hacked.
In 2011, FBI Was again hacked and over 180 Accounts Information were disclosed online.
Earlier, I informed you how the American Financial Giants and Banks are being targeted by the hackers, today’s hack of FBI proves that nothing is secured in the cyber world and hackers will go up to any level to seek revenge.

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