Saturday, 13 October 2012

this is what cyber resistence looks like TunisiAnoO style


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It's time we stopped defending Israel. We don't need to, and anyone who enters into a debate on Israel's nastiness against the benevolent and peace-loving Arabs honors the ignoramus by entering the fray on his terms and ends up making Israel look guilty by falling into the trap. What's the point? Look at CNN tonight. The splendiforous Wolf Blitzer asked viewers to vote on the following poll: Will there be peace in the Middle East under Sharon's watch? Of course, the implication is that Sharon is responsible for war and no one else. Now who would vote in a rigged poll like that? The following answer is the only appropriate one for any Jew with dignity. 'I'm sorry, I know you don't like us and are abetting our murderers, so I don't feel like talking to you.' No, let's stop defending Israel to the misguided stooges attacking us and use our energy more efficiently by defending Israel for ourselves. The first line of defence is truth and we'll never be free unless we rid ourselves of the forces who brought us this war and are planning our extinction." _ _
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