Sunday, 11 November 2012

boredom is a killer of websites we hear edl must be bored of getting hacked lulz epic failure

Hacked By ZHC - ZCompany Hacking Crew - [ZHC]

Fuck Zionist Jews! – Boycot israel! – Fuck the American Government! - Fuck fascist Organizations like EDL

This is the message for people following EDL(English Defence League)

EDL Followers!

Oh wow! EDL admins have been harassing innocent people and stealing money from them to fund their racist adventures. Proof:


Not a good thing admins!! And you spend donations to rent rooms for yourself in luxury Hotels? Proof:


Such a shame! EDL admins! as we ZHC said we will always be one step ahead of you. We will chase you, expose your racism and even remove you from the web. We demonstrated it successfully by deleting your facebook page three times. And we have demonstrated it successfully by defacing and exposing your frauds yet again.But the best is yet to come. Yes right, details of supporters and donors of EDL will be made public soon.A racist organization like you don't deserve to exist. And we ZHC will leave no stone upturned in exposing your lies. To the ordinary EDL members: These EDL admins lie to you. They have been using your donations and funds for their personal gain. But don't worry ZHC is here for the audit. Stop following the admins like sheeps

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