Wednesday, 14 November 2012

fuck all you zionist child killing scum we will wipe you off this earth

Here in the List below the names of the Palestinians who were killed in few hours ago by the israeli Warplanes. 
Number 6 and 7 are babies 

1) Ahmed Saeed Khalil El-Ja'bari, (52 years). 
2) Mohammed Hamed Subhi Al-Hams, (28 years).

3) Mohammed Hani Ibrahim(18 yrs).
4) Essam Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Al ma'si, (19 yrs).
5) Ms. Heba just James (19 yrs).
6) Yousef Arafat, (3 years).
7) Omar Jihad al-masharawi, (11 months).
8) Mahmoud Abu swauin "65 years ...

Via Hani Siliman

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