Saturday, 17 November 2012 GETS THE DEVILSEC TREATMENT

Greeting Israel Army..

At 14 of November  Israeli army forces attacked a group of civilians and killed up to 16 and more than 100 injured of unarmed civilians and childes and claiming at end that they   doing war on terror and claim that they are the advocates of peace and we advocates for a war.

To witness the whole world who is want a war . Who killed unarmed civilians . They are killing Palestinians and want them not to defend themselves . Is this fair. Is this related to any humanitarian by any way.

All the World now see your true face of Israel  and your Bloody Zionist colonial ambitions

The Arab blood is not cheap and especially our brothers blood in Palestine  and you have opened  a door you will cannot close it again and to know all the Zionist reading a Torah that greed will not be achieved, no matter how long ago.

This Is From SaccAfrazi .|. DevilzSec Team
Greetz: Cyb3rsec ./ VViP ./ All Muslim
To Be Continue..

"Akan datang Panji-panji Hitam dari Timur, seolah-olah hati mereka adalah kepingan-kepingan besi. Sesiapa mendengar tentang mereka, hendaklah datang kepada mereka dan berbaiatlah kepada mereka, sekalipun merangkak di atas salji"

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