Monday, 19 November 2012

United for # OpIsrael @ Anons_Argentina Expect us.

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All citizens of the world, we are living very difficult stages in the world. Ravaged by debt, enslaved by greed and deception ± ados with the lies of the media. Our lives have been so focused on that, which we have forgotten the real reasons why we exist. To care for each other as brothers, remembering that we come from the same place and going to the same side. Here there are no differences, we are all human. now, need to join forces and go claim to support our brothers in the Middle East that is resisting and suffering the outbreak of hatred and slaughter of incredible people who only seek power.

Imagine waking up every day between fear and chaos, fearing for their lives, and their loved ones. Walking in the streets to the pair of huge tanks gunning.
Denied their human rights and destroy thousands of lives and families. Do not forget that we are all brothers, all human among us come out to defend ourselves, to stand up for what they can not. We, the collective Anonymous asked them to take out the eyes a few minutes of their lives to look like they are living on the other side. I think it's time that we join forces and get out to raise voices on behalf of those who are dying and suffering every day due to the greed of some murderers.

On behalf of Anonymous and everyone, give Israel initiated Operation [# OpIsrael] in defense of our brothers in the Middle East who suffer in war every day. Let's raise voices against those who repress us. Not if you succeed to stop the war, but the effort to join in this struggle and many thousands of minds concientizara.

No to terrorism.

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Existence is resistance.
We are Anonymous.
legion We n.
forgive not.
forget not.
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United for # OpIsrael
@ Anons_Argentina 

Expect us

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