Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Another Sacrilegious movie insulting prophet Muhammed(PBUH)

Anti-Islam Priest Terry Jones with the help of a Pakistani Film maker made a new sacrilegious movie in the Spain. A Short summary of “The Innocent Prophet” is available on the YouTube and the full version will be online till this Friday.
When you check this short movie you will notice the aim of moviemaker. He did his best to show Islam as an Uncivilized full of Violence Religion.
Publishing of this new movie may provoke various groups of Muslims specially Muslim Hackers worldwide. 

We know that the way out of Pakistani cooperation with the American Reverend anti-Islam "Terry Jones" has produced a new film in Spain as the "apostle innocent." This film is currently a compendium of what has been put in YouTube where it was published on Friday of this week as a whole. 
and understood View summary of this film that its maker aims to portray Islam as a violent and uncivilized. 
, possibly cause this film reactions when different groups, including the Islamic hacker groups.

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