Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pak hackers target city businessman, pile hatred

CHANDIGARHNareshGarg, a city-based trader, was dismayed when he found a Pakistani flag screaming at him on his website's homepage. Many pro-Pakistan, anti-India and anti-army slogans were also written on it.

He wondered what went wrong with his system until he was made aware of the growing trend. It was the handiwork of cyber criminals who while sitting in Pakistan had hacked his website. Naresh is not alone. There are many like him who are getting a shock of their lives as they encounter such an unexpected happening.

Earlier, these cyber criminals used to make only phone calls to trap gullible people and dupe them of their hard-earned money. But, they have now gone a step ahead, hacking the official websites of Indian businessmen.

Recently, three shopkeepers in the busy market of Sector 20, which is also known as technology hub of the city, became the target of the hackers. Cyber experts reckon his hacking as an attempt of criminals to spread hatred among communities and to disturb communal harmony of the country. Interestingly, the hackers got very active on this Republic Day but Chandigarh police are finding it difficult to locate the IP (internet protocol) addresses of the sender's computer.

"We were totally shocked over these cyber attacks. Our company's website was corrupted and anti-nation comments were written there on the homepage and we were unable to open other links. The hacker had introduced himself as Wasim Gujjar and he had written expletives against Indians and the country," said Garg, the victim, who runs a laptop and hi-tech accessories shop in Sector 20.

"We are using the best anti-virus software but this attack was really serious. It took four days to retrieve our contents back," added Garg, who is also the president of Sector 20-market association. Over 72 hours have passed since the attack.

"It seems to be an attack by a Pakistan hacker. The victim filed a complaint at SSP office and it has not been marked to us. Earlier, we received similar complaints but nothing has come out of them. These attempts are to disturb peace," said an inspector-ranked official of the cyber crime cell. Sumit Bhasin, another victim, said, "We approached local beat officers but they failed to understand. We dialed the police control room and they advised to file a complaint with the SSP. We sent the complaint through e-mail to SSP as it was an off in police headquarters on January 26."

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