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The Ballad of Barrett Brown

The Ballad of Barrett Brown

In News on January 11, 2013 at 3:10 AM
Words and music by Spaghetti Meat.

Every revolutionary has a protest song,
Topiary got one it was ten minutes long,
I gotta contender name of Barrett
Guy’s a diamond 24 karat
He’s gonna make us a neat defendant
With his interpretation of the first amendment
He earns no money Pays no taxes
Leaking shit about Abraxas
So lock and load and get the baseball bat
Did anyone check if he was on Tinychat?
You fucking dumb fuck, this kid’s online,
The world will see his kick his behind,
Live on air he’s going down
This is the Ballad of Barrett Brown
Hello I’m Robert Stacy McCain
It’s only cause of Barrett that you know my name
I was the donkey twitter was the carrot
Hey @support you gonna twitter jail Barrett?
No one’s as smug as Robert Stacey Mac
And I’m not a racist — hell my cleaner is black
I got your number Barrett I know what you’re planning
I’m going to lock you up with Bradley Manning
Barret’s in prison saying who will save us
who you gonna call? Jake Davis?
look at Jake now, the shades have gone
he’s got your old job at the Guardian
Barrett shut up with your anarchy
You made me hit the caps lock key
What can I say? Social media’s hell
Many a tweep has filled many a jail cell
Barrett Brown you’re a fucking noob
Y’ever see Stacy Mac on YouTube?
I’m right behind you Barrett -
That just means don’t bend down
It’s the Ballad of Barrett Brown
Hi everyone my name is Jennifer Emick
Barrett you’re going to listen to my polemic
This hacker shit has become endemic
I do Asherah research it’s not exactly academic
But I’m starting with you Barrett and all of your fibs
Gonna get some cops to jump on his ribs
I haven’t got no scruples at all
And if I don’t like you then Troll-lo-lo-loll!
I’ve got a secret crush on barrett
and what Stacy Mccain says, I just parrot
BB’s name I will besmirch
That’s the job of Asherah reserach
Mercedes Haefer any day I’ll match her
This is Chitty Chitty Bang Bagn and I’m the child catcher
I trolled Barrett’s girl and just depressed her
I’ll get you all – even you Jester
I’ll get Barrett’s mum he’ll never hide her
Goddamn it lets’ pull that Goatse wider!
The nets a circus, and I’m the fucking clown
I wish I had a song! But instead I’m singing the Ballad of Barrett Brown. DAMN!
Hello everyone my name is Aaron
You can’t dox me I’m way past caring
I’ll sell your details to the feds for any amount
And I use the same password for every account!
Yeah I heard we’re all ganging up on Barrett
Bust him out of that Texas garrett
What you gonna do barrett you and whose private army?
I’m standing here getting head from Parmy
Oh come on bitch suck for goodness sake!
I hear you want to get me together with Jake
But Aaron don’t get down like that
I’m not your average Internet rat
I want to be the internet’z chief inspector
When you’re done there Parmy just send in Hector
Anyway guys I’m bouncing back
Can’t get me with your lulzy hack
I got a new website SHIT Tango Down! Tango Down!
We’re gonna blame Barrett Brown
Hello —- I’m Barrett Brown
a lot of assholes want to bring me down
You know where to find me my name is Barrett
I’m lying in the bath with a glass of claret,
I got the bollacks I am the dog’s own
All I need know’s a little suboxone
This isn’t what I became a hat for
I only wanted to report on Stratfor
So here’s a clip of me shooting a gun
and that’s what you’ll get if you hassle my mum
So those were the vegetables that was the salad
And you’ve been listening to a tragic ballad
This is a goddamn witch hunt – what da ya think!?
You gonna lock up everyone who pastes a link?
I got a short message Agent Smith is in it
Well when I say short, I mean 45 minutes.
My god, my door is being kicked down
so bye for now everyone – this is the ballad of me,
Hello, my name is Barrett Brown.
A federal grand jury has indicted Barrett Brown, an activist from Texas with links to the Anonymous hacktivist movement, on a dozen federal charges for sharing a hyperlink inside of an Internet chat room.
More: Barret Brown Facing Decades in Prison for Sharing a Link
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