Monday, 21 January 2013

“There’s currently no organization that helps security experts and hackers to channel their skills down a legal route,except there is now .

TriCk, or Junaid Hussain, the leader of the notorious TeaMp0isoN hacktivist group has been released from jail and he’s back on the hacking scene. However, this time he seems determined to take the “white” path.
In an interview we’ve had with him, the expert has revealed that getting caught has made him see things differently. That’s why he has launched a website called
“illSecure provides a legal and safe platform for ‘security experts’ and ‘hackers’ to test and develop their skills in a friendly competitive lawful environment,” TriCk said.
“There’s currently no organization that helps security experts and hackers to channel their skills down a legal route, so most people go down the illegal route without thinking of the consequences,” he explained.
Currently, there are 12 basic challenges and 5 crypto challenges on illSecure, which, according to the hacker, “range from basic web-based exploitation to crytpo and hash cracking.”
In the basic challenges, hackers must bypass the login by obtaining the password. In the crypto challenges, they must crack/decrypt a series of encrypted strings and hashes they’re provided with.
While these first challenges might appear easy, the hacker says that more difficult ones will be added soon. In addition, the site encourages security enthusiasts not only to take part in the challenges, but also to bring their own contribution by submitting their own ideas.
“Instead of reading papers, they would be physically doing something, and you learn more like that, so they’d be gaining skill and experience. There’s an old hacker saying: don’t learn to hack, hack to learn – & illSecure allows you to do exactly that but in a safe, legal & competitive environment,” TriCk said.
It’s worth noting that TriCk is the second member of the TeaMp0isoN group to leave the hacktivist scene after having run-ins with the law.


illSecure provides a legal & safe platform  for “security experts” and “hackers” to test & develop their skills in a friendly competitive environment. illSecure also has a forum where users can expand and share their knowledge with the wider community.
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