Sunday, 17 February 2013

In continuous monitoring through social networks

By publishing their photos on the Internet, most Internet users do not reflect the fact that they put their private data under the control of a number of organizations and individuals to collect these data. A number of companies specializing in computer software is currently developing monitoring programs of activity of people with data that are freely available in the social networks.

Not to cause unnecessary discussions, these software are developed in secret. A few days ago, journalists from The Guardian spoke of the new software RIOT (Rapid Overlay Information Technology), which was developed by the U.S. company Raytheon specializes in the defense sector. Treating a multitude of information on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. ..) the software reconstructs the daily lives of people you wish to monitor. The observer obtains an organizational relationships that monitored individual relationship with coworkers, friends and family members. The program also provides a detailed map of the movements of the individual with the course and he realizes bus stops or subway stations through which it passes. RIOT will even portray moral individual, including habits, weaknesses and even potential motives of his movements.

According to representatives of Raytheon, the company has not sold his individual skills. However, in accordance with U.S. export RIOT program is classified as "EAR99", which means that anyone can buy without getting a license first.
En surveillance permanente grâce aux réseaux sociaux
According to media expert and member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Anton Korobkov-Zemlianski, for several years we have watched.

"All the information that we leave on the Internet, free access may be harvested by search engines, not to mention special programs," he says in an interview with Voice of Russia. "The question is who may be interested to watch us? These are large companies and brands who, knowing better our lifestyle and tastes we can offer products or targeted advertising. Obviously, these means of control are not a privilege of the security services, as they are developed by private companies in the world, and there is no guarantee they will not fall into the hands of criminals. "

Police, and the police can check effectively with the help of social networking activity people, says the CEO of the agency information technology R-Techno Roman Romatchev. However, it is not a total surveillance.

"What they need, you will monitor," he said. "That's why, if you publish truthful information about you in social networks, prepare yourself that this information will be used against you. It is not recommended to disseminate information about your family, family photos, information about the places you visit, information on your real estate property and the vehicle you own. "

According to Roman Romatchev, creating programs like RIOT is just another step in the development of the Internet.

And yet, we are fast approaching the stage where we will be monitored both in the virtual space than in real space. Today, cameras are installed in public places - on the crossroads, in shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, dining rooms, offices, and even in the toilet. United States, the company DARPA is developing a complex cyber able to identify potential criminals in large crowds. The electronic database will contain models of normal behavior and suspicious. Scientists have only to learn to distinguish this system video images corresponding to different individuals. And anti-utopian film by Steven Spielberg Minority Report, where even a thought crime could serve as grounds for arrest, back in the news.

However, if you believe the experts, video surveillance or control in social networks presents no threat to a citizen. If a person has nothing to hide from the authorities and can not be distinguished from the crowd, she should not be afraid to be in the crosshairs of the intelligence services. / L

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