Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mercenaries from Israel threaten "Iraq's gateway" and Baghdad are looking for local and international defenses

The Iraqi government currently is looking for an international firm to design the website of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki which was hacked, while there are talks saying that the cabinet in Baghdad might handle the task to local technical experts.
The official website of the Iraqi PM has been hacked twice since the outbreak of the protests in the western and Northern provinces where people called on reforms and demanded the resignation of the Iraqi premier.
Experts expect more breaches to be occurred in the future due to the lack of internet security within Iraqi governmental websites.
A group of Hackers called as the "Team of Kuwaiti hackers" published a message on Maliki's official website –after hacking it- warned him that he will face same as Syrian President, Bashar al-Asad's fate, describing the regime in Iraq as a one of "tyrants".
They published their message on an image-background show two women dressing black clothes.
The message concluded "God help you people of Iraq!".
Maliki's website got blocked for several days last week on claims that "it is under maintenance", while the hacking-team said it was then under their control.
Iraqi websites are vulnerable to such attacks by hackers and internet pirates from time to time; previously Baghdad local government's website got hacked as well.
Such breakthroughs of websites came amid political crisis hit the country accompanied by protests and sit-ins for the sixth straight week, the main demands of rallies' organizers are a release of all –female and male- detainees and an abortion of the legal article concerned terrorism.
Reactions –regarding the breaching of Maliki's website- varied, some comments published on social media networks described as being offended to the Iraqi premier, others seem to be more supportive.
The comments paid by Iraqi as well as Kuwaiti social media activists and subscribers.
Hawkar Ali, an IT expert told "Shafaq News" that there is no hacking group called "Kuwait's team" but there are "groups of expert mercenaries are working from the inside of Israel, and some Gulf States, it seems like those have cooperated with another hackers to breach Maliki's website".
The political analyst, Khalid Mansour told "Shafaq News" that the problem is "in the weak security base of the Iraqi governmental websites, such kind of offensives happen in any country but those the world states are working hard on improving their capabilities in order to avoid such penetrations" adding "this is why Iraqi government should pay attention to this field".
Some people favored the hiring of local professional staff in order to improve the security of such websites, while those whom disagree with such trend said that the disqualification of such team in restoring Maliki's now-hacked website is a sufficient proof of unsuitability of hiring such crews.
So far, the Iraqi government is studying its options in order to resolve the new arisen IT troubles, International experts are more likely to be offered the chance.

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