Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hacked by Unkn0wn Gl4di4t0r5 International various websites

Hacked by Unkn0wn Gl4di4t0r5 International

Hacked by sir.gh0st

Sorry! But what to do please tell me admin! Your site is fully insecure and there is no way to alert you. So, I have decided to deface your site. This is just a warning! Secure it next time!

Gr33tz to: Pirated Eclipse, Kais Patron, Sj cyBerGhost, Ze Povo, Napster Bd, Optimas Prime, Mr.A, Dark Legend, Scripted Dante 404, Ashuvo Atta, mr.unkn0wn, 4dm!n_fuck3r and all my UGI, UH and Sylhet Cyber Security friends. Also gr33tz to you Admin ;)


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