Friday, 26 April 2013

Roanoke house of worship has website hacked Beth Israel Synagogue members have no idea why it was targeted

Members of a Roanoke congregation are shocked and disappointed after someone hacked their website.
A hacking group called Ayyildiz based out of Turkey in the Middle East is responsible for the hack.
The group's message read "Death to Israel" and we're told it also included other anti-Semitic slurs. No critical information was stolen or compromised.  The webmaster was in the process of upgrading the website when he noticed the hack.

Tomer Bitton said, "I started working on it at 10 am, and when I entered the website to back everything up again, to continue the backup, I saw a huge banner "Death to Israel" kind of wordings."
This hacking group has claimed responsibility for hacking sites like this before and posting anti-Semitic language. The synagogue's website was quickly fixed and many members at Beth Israel didn't even know about it until the rabbi told them.,0,2100570.story

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