Monday, 6 May 2013

The famous Turkish hacking group RedHack has defaced the official Government website of the Istanbul( ).

The hacker group specified they hacked this website in retaliation of attacks on people at MayDay.

"Hacked in retaliation of attack on people at MayDay and to commemorate revolutionaries Deniz. Yusuf, Huseyin hanged on 6th May 1972" the tweet posted by the hacker group reads.

Hacker posted a picture of the Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu picture with the following message "I didn't say you can't be a Mayor, I said you can't be a man".(translated)

n announcement from REDHACK, to all the members of the REDHACK family.

Friends, comrades, our suffering oppressed people, the others,our family..

RedHack does not only consist of the members that fight under the identity of RedHack. It is not us who forms this struggle… It is the oppressed, despised, humiliated, all the individuals and living creatures that suffer…
RedHack means: the others…
RedHack means: fighting as one, without discrimination against, race, sex, language,religion and orientation… It is a solitary fight, regardless of the differences, a struggle on behalf of all…
RedHack means: not expecting compliments in return to what we have accomplished so far… and does not expect to be praised or hear tributes and will not…
RedHack, requests that everyone who supports us, everyone who is one of us, to alert for their own contentment… and to feel and deeply understand that this struggle is for us all…
RedHack has always been suited very pleasurable adjectives… we appreciate this and thank you all… however we have always insisted that…RedHack is not a hero and certainly not Robin Hood…
RedHack is, the boy that sells napkins, but who has to wipe his nose with his sleeve, in the streets right beside you… RedHack is the mine worker who works 16 hours a day without seeing sunlight… the poor student who can barely facilitate themselves to study for university exams….the labourer in the fields with sunburnt skin…. the one despised at High School because they cannot afford designer clothes…. the child that has to walk 4.kilometres to reach their school… the one that waters the iron…
RedHack, is your brother, sister, best friend, your family from different parents… who merely did what was required to be acted upon. Precisely for this reason RedHack has been targeted to a  number of attacks… slander and libel… threatened with arrests, and is tried to be prosecuted for 25 years imprisonment as terrorist organisation…
Regardless of the fact that, we did not desire it, we were born to a vindictively “governed” system, in today’s world. Although we did not choose to, the ones we extremely doubt to have any humanity within them, are the rulers, the oppressors, who have forced us to be an accessory.
They the rulers; who live as if to resemble that it is them who created this life… they who believe that are the ones who generate…and they who only find themselves worthy to live a superior life.
 While they live in luxury, the miners work for a minimum wage, to enable them to spend their days buying priceless jewels. We are demanded to work, generate, produce and to be slaves, forced to be happy with their happy lives. It is asked from us to condone what happened till now. They demanded us to “obey or no longer be” they forced us to be pawns or to be imprisoned.
 RedHack is the uprising rebellions against all of this… exactly like our brothers and sisters who rebelled against this system before us.
 We were born with the principle that “Rebellion is justified where there is oppression”. Redhack is only a mean with the intention to prompt an equal, fair, classless, borderless, unexploited world. “To live with dignity is the best way to live” is what RedHack acquired to defend. Even if we cannot accomplish this during our lifetime, we are willing to subsist and sacrifice our lives for this honourable principle.
Now the time has come to expand our solidarity.We request that all our RedHack friends and family members, to support and contribute to our struggle.
Every one of you constantly asked how you could help, is it not?
The moment has come friends…It is not for us; initially we request that you do this for yourselves. Since the liberation for one, means freedom for all…
We request you all to be an active member of the RedHack family! This is the tranquil way to accomplish all the Level’s.
No…no… Do not misread; we do not request financial contributions or resources. We already living and fighting with limited opportunities. If poverty is considered an embarrassment, this is not an embarrassment for us to hold.
We are happy to walk this road, by holding our face to the light and wind. We live with our dignity and would not attach our dignity, skills and knowledge with capital.
Our request from you is to have more ownership of RedHack… to spread and generate awareness of RedHack and its principles via, online forums, social media, in the streets, schools, ultimately in all aspects within practical daily life.
This is not a request for our benefit; we request this for our aspiration to evolve! If everyone wins over one person, we will double and intensify in numbers; our family and resilience no doubt will expand and broaden rapidly.
We have made great progress hand in hand within a short period. Today, it is time to extend our movement.
The RED film was produced “outside of our initiative” which emphasises the RedHack, highlighting our significant attacks against the oppressors.
In particular our request is that you spread and promote the film RED. This can be by requesting mainstream cinemas and celebrities to promote this film. Such request can be made via Facebook and Twitter accounts, which hold major influence.
We request that linguistic friends and friends from other nationalities promote and send the link of the film within their community and to national newspapers. The film has subtitle options in various languages including English. 
Film link:—Y
And of course the music made in contribute to RedHack must not be forgotten:
Whilst mentioning social media, it is necessary to emphasise that we must ‘completely’ become a single fist, a single body as such, within social media.
For this reason we must all work in a solitary collaboration. We shall not progress with our differences but with our SIMILARITIES. Do not hesitate to spread all interviews, anthems, music’s, visual and literary productions made…promote these to your friends. Because these are all for you…. they are yours and ours….
Let us paint in RED… the streets, schools, factories, grandstands, and walls. Everywhere we possibly can everywhere we are…
We request that your creativity is to reach to us. If you have the opportunity to capture it with photos or videos, this will enable us to share it with the rest of our friends and members of the RedHack family.
The power is in our hands, to stop the division, the hundreds of segregated parts we have become!
This is our obligation!
                             And now it is the time to say STOP!
Now it is the time to declare to the oppressors that; “they’re not smarter than us, not stronger, not more productive, not more human than us, they’re not more resilient, not more loving, more worthy, more valuable, not more human than us”
Because now it is time to ask “why is it that whilst we live in such conditions, while we pay consequences, while we are the ones that produce, while we are suffering caused by your oppression, you the oppressors are living in great  luxury by restraining us with your power.”
The day has come… It is the day to respond and unite against imperialism, capitalism, chauvinism, fascism and of all kinds’ reluctant reactionary forms.
Let us not forget our differences; however we must not allow our differences to overrule our uniformities.
Together we must build an equal and fair equation of life without exploitations.
We greet you, our family, with all our revolutionary conviction and wish you success in your progressions.
We send our greetings to all our friends that are members and fans of Red hack accounts in the social media in particular. They have a greater responsibility assigned to them in respect to our above mentioned requests.
  •  You must organise, you must strengthen….
  •  The only path is Revolution!
  •  Until Justice finds its place, Hack will replace it.
  •  Since we cannot live forever, then we will live as we want….
  •  If they do not comprehend and appreciate our warnings … then they will be taught by REDHACK
RedHack (on behalf of Red Hackers Association)

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