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#OpEDL Mass Data Leak #Anonymous #Operation_EDL [pA new round #OpEDL begins!

#OpEDL Mass Data Leak #Anonymous #Operation_EDL [pA new round #OpEDL begins!
| EDL - expect more.
| Greetz from the Internet                                            
| >>  ZHC & AnonymousUK   <<
| Working together to expose the EDL.
|#OpEDL @Operation_EDL              
| What this Info Contains:
| List of Senior Phone Numbers <--- (Go ahead and tell them what you think)  
| List of New Criminal Records (Bomb makers, Groomers, RACISTS) - There are so many, so we only included these three.
| Pictures the EDL don't want you to see                
| The EDL have been well and truly EXPOSED.
| Oh what heroes the EDL are...
|A funny picture for the journey ahead ;)            
Adrian Banks 07723236969
Alan Whitehead 07972283056
Alex Fletcher 07591266241
Alex Knowles 07943498584
Amy Jackson 07501202604
Amy loise Johnson 07970324812
Andy Stocky Stockton 07541763266
Angel Pivko +972502245946
Ant Kirk 07403507088
Anthony Eccleston 079533926286
Anthony NWI Hennessey 07754661567
Ash tray Fielding 07772204539
Ash HAncock 07580027497
Azz Toombs 07517525541
Barrie Bell 0755251822
Barry Leeds Fox 07596537127
Barry Lowe 07828700617
Barry Rogers 07594876124
Belinda Lewis Larkins 07449491093
Ben Jayden Lee 07870742294
Ben Goodall 07749833491
Ben John 07784364073
Ben Di Caprio +31612161340
Benjamin Weald 07545322668
Bill Bear Tyson 07837615669
Bo Natalie Wheeler Preston 07852547360
Bren MAdman 07919325349
Brian Walton EDL 07580436553
Brianjohn Aitchison 07446639305
British Born MAx 07805607441
Bryan Baron 07565261540
Carl Thornley 07745795419
Chantelle Hobbs 07787103016
Charlie Naylor 07968643266
Cherene Alfey 07956012863
Chris Harris 07538606253
Chris Hitchy Hitchcock 07967486895
Chris KAy 07401318828
Col Alex Clowes 07411727774 - 07427442669
Conny Axel Meier +497267911940
Craig Chinksta Sanom 07939842507
Craig Simmons 07554329672
D captain Spaulding 07951403603
Dan Godsgift Levii 07790892323
Daniel Gamble 07837261282
Daniel Kay 07414500153
Daniel Kirk 07779161834
Danny Hadley 07963141930
Dave Chelsea England 07773557090
Dave Freeman 07773301201
David Black 07856114132
Davis Herb Boocock 07771306515
David James Mosely 07527982228
David Wright 07879202297
Dean Taylor 07707441438
ebs Aylesbury 07792427564
Derek Baldwin 07594092561
Devon Jenz 07123456789
Dom Green 07528548235
Duane Green 07795659904
Dunk Satanicfirfly 07792502509
Dylan Johnson Joyner 07722253778
Eamonn Naylor 07989593889
Garry Depear 07977971058
Gaz Chop Chop Dalgarno +61450637094
Gaz Otoole 07415654330
Graham Whithead 07948313396
Gregoro Duarte Patrick     +4917692616841
Hull Angel 07790051924
Ian Barlow 07901570451
Ian Gilbert 07846939001
Jack Duffield 07947590901
Jack Jb Blackshaw 07446098374
Jade Alfrey 07805056362
Jake Smith 07768748388
James Cambell 07821189613
James Henry 07503663732
JAmes Smith 07835672065
JAmie Parker 07960963312
JAmie Thornley 07531357357
Jason Jog on Leary 07926864920
Jay Horsley 07837119309
JEff Barnsley 07964448796
Jill Jackson 07500468216
Jimmy Colebourne 07837610572
JustAngel Paartyhard 07786719013
Keith Mig Crew Chambers 07510868622
Kelly Perkins 07557516242
Kent David John 07591681462
Kev England Redhead 07584026595
Kevin Mozley +441210202021
Lee Dukes 07940560883
Lee Ginge Powell 07460753072
Lee Preston 07967269197
Lee Preston 07722271858
Lee Stanbrook 07879554115
Leigh Riley 07976515446
Libby AVfc Jones 07901555313
Lisa Paul Thornley 07506968272 07946687913
Longscoot Down 07710999421
Lyn Oldcare Dobson +441782258178
Manuela Hofman +4917693500693
Marc Drayton 07718168966
Mark Clayton 07414175928
Mark Cox 07817611323
Mark Mad MAn Mouser 07572670855
Mark Moss 07784876780
Melanie Smith 07446275873
Micheal Askew 07512155729
Michael Best 07805980041
Michael Coleman 07775060306
Mike Carling Cullen 07547935991
Mike Hype Grattidge 07813469619
Misty Thackeray 07523244655
Nachum Shifren +13104014853
Neil Seymour 07544190439
Nick Brenton 07940624777
Nikki Coyle 07716209937
Nina C Cranstoun 07958403816
Nipper Nfse 07535626762
Onepiece Treend 07760690357
Pat Thebat Stewart 07929078023
Patricia London 07748904499
Paul Bod Gibson 07401097748
Paul Cowley 07791414833
Paul Reynolds 07858658977
Paul Todd 07512246091
Paul Whu 07718165968
Paul EDL General Montgomary 0790923741
Pete Lowe 07446840560
Pete Redz 07856999225
Phil Hough 07957685511
Phil Spencer 07964203827
Phil Tracey Blurton Brown 07869304738
Phil Webbo Webster 07973894171
Phillip Gregory 07508979900
Rene Nielsen +4542570380
Richard Gaines 07958220326
Rob English Boon 07591141844
Robert Downey 07850024991
Robert Stuart HAmilton 07575278381
Rod Bridger 07971787954
Rowena Fletcher Was- Kea 07940799394
Roypitbul Borrington 07884384848
Ryan Thurgood 07805730543
Sally Ann Wills 07910143616
Sam Ellerington 07790848473
Sam Tommo 07827735467
Sarah Horvath 07980926090
Scott Connell +449086660000
Scott Wba Fc 07428804664
Sefi Home +972544208036
Shane Nse Saxon 07796257849
Sharon Bluenose McDougall 07511710061
Shug Mclean 07895180773 +44169841038
Simon Marshment 07718091838
Simon Rowley 07865646032
Simon Ward 07904308005
Snakeeyes MArt 07534565896
Satn Green 07753288017
Stephen Belmore 07851210151
Stephen Blindt 07871340838
Stve Davis +17202431021
Stevie Lufc Stewart 07970391099
Stuart Taylor 07943841890
Susan Bcfc Kenedy 07783188750
Thomas Coliin Richards 07530296429
Tony Ginger Hannigan 07966509033
Tracey Nfse Davies 07530787834
Tracey Louise Routledge 07729584900
Trvor Mitchell +442891467886
Trot Taylor 07582644825
Wayne Gagin Gilbert 07597832982
Zach Nearzz 07415672291
From the same tree, just on different branches...
Check out these screenshots.
Vulgar Comments Being Made
 Members of the EDL burning a Pakistani Flag.
 EDL claim to be defenders of women’s rights so what’s with all the rape stuff?
Nazi Salutes
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (far left) at a BNP meeting in the King Harry pub, Luton, listening to a speech by Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Richard Edmonds, 2007
Ex EDL member Steve Littlejohn tells Expose his views on the edl, what happened to them and the actions of the leadership.
“I’ll smash their fucking black brains”
“we are going to be your worst nightmare”
“somalian twats”
“ think this militant might have a wander into town and attack a racist" <--- Dafuq?
“agadoo doo doo kill a paki gas a jew” <--- The EDL Jewish Division won't be too pleased about this one
First Section: BOMB RELATED.
Second Section. RACIAL HATRED
Thomas     Blackwell    
Age: 25
Address: Bird St, Dudley     DY3 2    
Jailed 1 year            
Two EDL members have been sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempting to blow up a British mosque. Details are available here: and here:
- An EDL member was arrested on Monday after he repeatedly made online threats claiming that he'd planted a bomb in Birmingham's main mosque. Details:
- Another EDL member has been arrested after he made online bomb threats against a Hindu temple in the West Midlands. Details:
Jonathan     Cunningham    
Address:Greenheart, Amington    B77 4      
Making an explosive substance and perverting the course of justice     12 months Prison
Neil     MacGregor  
Age: 36    
Address:Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow    G41    
Location Of IncidentGlasgow Central Mosque    
BOMB THREATS, Ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment :
Jailed 12 Months            
Terry     Gavan    
22 Charges including making nail bombs and six counts of having or collecting documents useful in terrorism.        
Upto 2009 - jailed for 11 years            
Trevor     Hannington    
Address:Hirwaun, Cardiff    CF44    
Racial hatred + assisting terrorism. 2 Counts.        
2 yrs Prison            
 So you're telling me the EDL aren't racist? I beg to differ.
Be sure to check the Sexual Grooming section. (Just a snippet of what is to come)
 Racially Aggravated/Hate crimes
 If you observe closely, you will see that  crimes on a mosque, or Islamic centre of some sort are common amongst the list.
Stefan     Adamson
Age: 24    
Address:Old Woodlands Road, Crownhill        
Date :12-Aug-2011  
Racially-aggravated common assault and Racially-aggravated threatening behaviour
12-month community order with 80 hours unpaid work. He was ordered to pay £25 compensation and £300 in prosecution costs.            
Kelvin    Barrett    
Address:Courtleet Way, Bulwell        
Racially aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour.            
10 Months
Stuart     Bates    
AddressLLazy Hill, Kings Norton    B38 9    
Place of Incident:  Aylesbury    
Date: 1-May-2010        
Daniel     Barrow        
Address:Berkeley Close, Chorley    PR7 3    
Racially aggravated criminal damage.                   
Jak    Beasley  
Age: 23    
Address: Cedar Road, Bishop Auckland      
Place Of Incident:Middlesborough railway station    
Date: 10-Dec-2011  
Religiously aggravated  harassment and using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment  alarm or distress  
fined £455 and ordered to pay £515 costs.            
 Donna Marie    Beattie    
Address:Sybil Street, off Greystone Road, Carlisle.        
Racially aggravated threatening behaviour. 2 Charges.  
Place Of incident:Manhattan Cafe, Botchergate, Carlisle    
jailed for 15 months  
Ian James    Bradshaw    
Address:Harrison Street, Currock        
Racially aggravated threatening behaviour. 2 Charges.    
Place Of Incident:Manhattan Cafe, Botchergate, Carlisle    
Jailed for 21 months
Simon    Beech    
Address:Hilton Road, Hartshill, Stoke    ST4 6    
arson with intent to endanger life   (   Stoke Mosque Fire     )
10 years in prison      
Ian      Brazier        
Address: Shirley, Solihull      
Racially aggravated  assault        
Date: 3-Mar-2012    
six-week sentence, suspended for 18 months,  and ordered to complete a diversity awareness course plus 250 hours of  unpaid work in the community and pay £100 compensation        
 Daniel  John     Buckley  
Address:Oakley Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham    NG10  1    
Racially aggravated harassment    
Location Of Incident:Leicester  
Date: 9-Oct-2010    
8  weeks Prison Suspended 12 months          
Shaun     Bunting    
Address:Fenhall Green, Newton Aycliffe      
Religiously  aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour to cause  harassment alarm or distress  
Middlesborough railway station    
fined £420 and ordered to pay £515 costs.  
 Shaun      Burns    
Address:Mayfield Avenue, Ingol,        
Racially aggravated common  assault and criminal damage.        
Date: 28-Dec-2012    
16 weeks prison  
suspended for a year, with 100 hours unpaid work, £350 costs and £520  compensation.        
Christopher    Caswell  
Address:West Auckland Road, Darlington        
Religiously aggravated harassment and using threatening words or  behaviour to cause harassment alarm or distress    
Location Of Incident: Middlesborough  railway station    
fined £455 and ordered to pay £515  costs            
  Luke     Cleverley      
Address: Norton, Stoke On Trent    ST6
Involved    in Stoke Mosque Fire    
date: 3-Dec-2010            
 Darren     Conway    
Age: 44  
Address: Heaton Street, Gainsborough      
displaying Religiously aggravated hate material.      
Date:early 2012    
Jailed 12-months
Anthony     Cook    
Address:Shelley Road, Reddish, Stockport    SK5 6    
Location of Incident Stoke    
Racially aggravated writing or sign  
,fined £100 with £85 costs and £15 VS            
Charlotte     Davies    
Location Of Incident: Hartlepool Mosque    
Date: 16-Nov-2010    
Racially aggravated criminal damage
12-week sentence, suspended for a year, and 200 hours’ unpaid work.  
 Michael     Gawthorpe        
address: Crofters Way, Chester    CH1 6    
Location of Incident: Stoke    
Racially aggravated writing or sign            
Stephan    Davis  
Age: 21    
Address: Bromley Close, Bulwell        
Racially aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour.            
10 Months            
 Wayne    Havercroft    
Address:Bestwood Village        
Locationg Of Incident: West Bridgford proposed Mosque  
Racially aggravated public order offences    
Fined £585            
David     Champion    
Address: Swansea        
Jailed 12 Months    
Racially aggravated assault             
Christopher    Caswell  
Address:West Auckland Road, Darlington        
Place of Incident: Middlesborough railway station    
Religiously aggravated harassment and using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment alarm or distress    
fined £455 and ordered to pay £515 costs            
Harry     Deluca    
Address:Manford Way, Hainault        
Place Of Incident: Redbridge Islamic Centre
violent disorder  at   two-year detention and training order.
Josh     Foster    
Address:Grange Crescent, Tadcaster            
date: 11-Mar-2011  
Racially aggravated assault and wounding. 15 months in a young offenders’ institute
Leonard     Hawley    
Address:Worcester Rd, Blackburn        
Location Of Incident: Brierfield  
Racially aggravated public order    37 weeks in prison            
Kevin Angelo    Docherty  
Address:Grisedale Close, Bradford          
Location Of Incident:Cleckheaton    
violent disorder and racially aggravated criminal damage jailed for 14 months            
William    Ewings    
Address:Gilford Crescent, Harraby        
Location Of Incident: Manhattan Cafe, Botchergate, Carlisle    
Date: 20-May-2011  
Racially aggravated threatening behaviour. 2 Charges jailed for 13 months            
Steven     Dryden    
Address: Fife Avenue, Jarrow    NE32 4    
Location Of Incident:South Shields Mosque  
Date; 5-Sep-2010    
Racially aggravated public order offence   - -- 18-month community order and made subject to a curfew between 7pm and 7am for four months.            
Christopher     Harley        
Address:Bower Street, Reddish, Stockport    SK5 6    
Location of Incident:Stoke    
Racially aggravated writing or sign            
Bernard     Holmes  
Address: Dickinson Close, Blackburn      
Location Of incident:Brierfield    
Racially aggravated public order  
18 months in prison and given a five year CRASBO            
Tracey     Hurley  
Age: 33    
Address: Kingsley Ave, Goose Green    W13 0  
Location of Incident: Bradford (train)
date: 25-Jun-2010  
Racially aggravated public order offence      fined £150, ordered to pay £200 costs and a £15 victim surcharge            
Laszlo Michael    Lankovits        
Address:Elder Road, Bradley      
Racially aggravated public order offence       fined £180 including £15 victim surcharge.            
Ian     Logan  
Address:Thompson Street West, Darlington    DL3 0        
Racially aggravated harassment and Assaulting a police office.  Fined £190 for each offence and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.            
Nicholas    Long  
Address:Arnold, Notts        
Location Of Incident:West Bridgford proposed Mosque    
 Racially aggravated public order offences Fined £300            
Brian     Mackey  
Age: 19  
A:dressL Emlyn Road, South Shields    NE34 0    
Location of IncidentSouth Shields Mosque    
 Racially aggravated public order offence    18-month community order and made subject to a curfew between 7pm and 7am for four months.            
 Charles     Dickie    
Address: Tennyson Road, Daventry        
Religiously or Racially motivated verbal threats        20-week prison sentence (provisional)            
 Arthur    Disbury:      
South Devon      
publishing racially inflammatory material                 
 Henry    Hunter    
Address: Kingston Crescent, Ashford    
Location of Incident: Kingston Mosque    
violent disorder and racially and religiously aggravated criminal damage    Violent disorder    
6 months at a YOI, suspended for 12 months. fined £1,000, given 250 hours of unpaid work,
and handed a four month curfew order banning him from leaving his home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.
Hunter was also given an exclusion order banning him from Kingston town centre for a year.            
Turns out there aren't just 'muzzie peados' ey?
(This is only a snippet, more will be released)
Sex Offenders/Groomers
 Why so mad?
Michael     Coates AKA Mickey Blue Eyes    
Lives in Bradford        
eight charges of indecent assault and two of attempted rape in relation to the first girl and a further four offences of indecent assault in relation to a second  to 1997  
Six-year jail sentence. In addition to the jail sentence,
Coates will also have to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life.    
 Josh     Morris    
Address :Sussex Road, Haywards Heath    RH16 4    
Location Of Incident:Haywoods Heath Mosque  
Date: 3-Feb-2011  
Arson     3 years at a young offender institue            
Brett     Moses    
Lives in Hull              
sexual grooming.
12-month prison and placed on the sex offenders register        
Richard     Price  
 address:Stonehouse Ln, Birmingham    B32 3          
 date:June 2010  
 4x making Indecent images of children, 2x possession cocaine/crack  
 3 yr CSO, banned from computer 1 year and placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years.            
Kevin     Jenkins  
Age: 45    
Address:Mancroft Avenue, Lawrence Weston            
Sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl
110-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.
 He will be added to the sex offenders' register and was told to take part in a 12-month community order,
 attend a programme for substance-related crime,
pay £250 in compensation to the girl and £60 court costs.            
Matthew Stephen Raymond    
Lives in Woodward    
formerly of Cable Street, Connah’s Quay, Deeside      
15 charges of level one child pornography featuring kids age 10 to 15 and one level 4 video of a 13 year old.        
September 2011    
Fined £700 and received 120 hours of community service. three-year community order and sent on a sexual offending treatment programme  He will remain on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.
 He is also banned from working with children.  

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