Monday, 9 September 2013

[ "Wake up India before the world wakes up" ] #Freedom For #Kashmir ZHC WAS HERE

#Freedom For #Kashmir


Hacked By ZHC - ZCompany Hacking Crew - [ZHC]

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves --Abraham Lincoln
" This is a Wake-up call to the 'collective consciousness' of Indians. Ask yourself, do you really deserve celebrating Independence Day while suppressing freedom struggle of Kashmiris?"

Kashmiris have been fighting for their freedom for more than 6 decades now , Indian oppression has seen kashmiris taking to gun, they wanted to wake up the sleeping conscience of the world, than they saw the generation which used stones as a symbol of resistance and yet Indian govt didn't care, if the oppression of kashmiris does NOT stop.
Indians will have to face the generation which would be more dangerous than the previous one's. No peace process, no music, no oppression can deter kashmiris from fighting for their freedom, it took India more than 250 years to attain freedom, even if it takes 2500 years for kashmiris to fight for their freedom they will do so.Fight till kashmir is free.

"Wake up India before the world wakes up"



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