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Team R00T : نمتل الشعب فقط
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BECAUSE NO CONSPIRACY THEORY IS DIRTIER THAN THE REAL WORLD what can we say?... we can't watch corruption and keep silent

    what can we say?... we can't watch corruption and keep silent
    It came to our attention that the recent events in Egypt and Tunisia are an important change in the arabe spring.
    We also knew that the government of Qatar , the zionist agent of CIA in the middle east is involved in many acts of violence, assasination of innocent people including known politicians and symbols of their own countries.
    hmmm, we thought of giving Qatar a first and last warning we know that your cyber world contains a mine of secret informations including plans of the united states government in the middle east. Did you forget about us? .... hahaha then here we are back again.The Tunisian people is the only responsible of his inside affairs and the only with the right to decide his destiny. Any act or help giving to your agents from the muslim brotherhood in Tunisia, in Egypt or in any arabic country will be punished with a huge leak and an erase of your cyber intelligence.
    Government of United States of America take care of your buisness and let people seek their own freedom, your NWO will never work...
    Remember we are legion, we are everywhere we are watching every step you make
    Government of Qatar, you absolutely don't want whistle blowing of your intelligency and corruption so stay the fuck away of Tunisia or you will expect us inside your 100 years old shit of machines
    People of Tunisia you were the first who took their own freedom and you can do it again
    don't forget freedom is a right
    Get the fuckers out
    Disclaimer: Obama... your muslim brotherhood plan has failed, an epic fail

Saturday, 27 July 2013

#AntiSec is back again and supporting the arabe spring revolutions

#AntiSec is back again and supporting the arabe spring revolutions

After the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt the famous group of hacktivists that always supported freedom is now back with a new press release on pastebin.The link can be found here

This is a screenshot of the pastebin :
The message contains a warning to the government of Qatar and its cooperation with the american government against the best of the arabe spring

Piercing sites and still continuing campaign # Algeria to the core slaughter zionist sites #

Friday, 26 July 2013


Just for fun Israhell


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hacked Websit Israel By Team rOot Moroccan hackers newly formed crew

Hacked Websit Israel By Team rOot

H4cked by ~ Team R00T ~
Anti : .il & .us & .fr & .es & .dk
  Security 000% ./
Team R00T : نتابع كل كبيرة وصغيرة
Message For aLL Goverments : Because we Are The Best
Officiel Members : SAW-19 - KinG H4cker - Ziko'w - Coder Ma - Chahid Injector - Mr Tex - Dr.SaM!M_008 - Master_Bot - J3nD4rkX_0 - ViPerouS - BilalSbXtra - B1J4K
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  • Follow · 19 December 2012
    BREAKING NEWS: Teamr00t Unites with BD Grey Hat Hackers
    Teamr00t and Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers are pleased to announce that Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers have now become the new owners of Teamr00t.
    So what does this mean?
    This means that Teamr00t will continue to run as an international hacking team, with its own unique style, image, defaced messages and will continue with its cause in helping the suppressed people of the world, with the support of Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers.
    Our member will not see any great changes to Teamr00t, our image, deface messages and what we stands for will remain the same. However you will notice changes in the hackers that will be defacing for Teamr00t. These hacktivist have been carefully selected from all over the world, with their unique skills to continue the amazing work Teamr00t has done so far.
    Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers will continue with its own cause as usual with no direct changes affecting this team.
    We hope like both Teamr00t and BGHH you will all see this as a positive change, two teams uniting for the cause to have a powerful presence in the cyber hacking world.
    Teamr00t and BGHH would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and supporters for their endless support and for helping the cause in their own unique way.
    United we can all make a difference in helping the people that need our help. We hope that you continue to support both teams as we grow each day strength to strength.
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    8 people Killed in Kashmir India have any Answer for that ?

    8 people Killed in Kashmir India have any Answer for that ?

    How many times we have to tell you that to be in ur limit's ?

    It is a Holy Month of Ramadan and ur not even Ashamed to kill innocent's ?

    Being an Indian how much bullet's u can fire on 1 person ?

    They were Innocent Protester's did they killed any indian ?

    go india go back it is not ur father's land

    Wednesday, 17 July 2013

    FEMA hacked: Anonymous hacks US server in defense of Snowden and government transparency Refocused and reorganized, Anonymous has apparently breached an emergency management server, stealing valuable user information including that of US government and military personnel.

    Fema hack 07 17 2013
    A demonstrator holds up a picture of the former technical contractor of the US Central Intelligence Agency Edward Snowden during a demonstration in support of Snowden at the Place du Trocadero in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris on July 7, 2013. Around forty people, mostly activists from organizations defending rights and freedom on the internet, gathered in support of Snowden, who leaked information on data spying programs of the USA and Great Britain in June 2013 and has sought asylum in 21 countries, according to WikiLeaks. (Kenzo Tribouillard /AFP/Getty Images)

    Hackers from within the Anonymous collective claim to have broken into a server used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and say they will release the stolen data in what would be one of the highest-profile security breaches since the release of secret NSA documents by Edward Snowden.
    In a document shared with GlobalPost on Tuesday night and published onlineWednesday, the hacker collective revealed data that includes information on user accounts and passwords of what appear to be government employees. Several of the email addresses linked to those user accounts are hosted on .mil and .gov domains.
    FEMA did not respond to requests for comment from GlobalPost on Wednesday.
    Anons, as the hackers are known, involved in the breach say they are looking to assert themselves as a force to be reckoned with following global crackdowns on hackers. In addition, they want to call attention to government collusion with the private sector in for-profit information security initiatives.
    “Anonymous does not wave the white flag. Not while we are faced with a daily stream of abominable revelations from Edward Snowden and others, not while the battle for the very soul, the very original purpose, of the internet escalates in severity daily,” read a statement by a representative of Anonymous and obtained by GlobalPost. 
    But above all, they are sending a message to the US intelligence community and their allies.
    “There is a complex web of ties between companies likes Obsidian Analysis and government agencies, an incestuous crossover of money and influence,” one Anon told GlobalPost. “We intend to not only expose these links but also to delve as deeply as possible into the individual players.”
    In its statement, the collective draws attention to a 2012 “National Level Exercise”undertaken by Obsidian Analysis, a company contracted by FEMA to test national disaster responses to a major cyberattack, as a prime example of the consequences of those links. In a simulated cyberattack, Obsidian created a mock news broadcast detailing an offensive launched by “the Void” — a fictitious group of hacktivists that closely resembles Anonymous.
    In the mock video, actual journalist and former CNN correspondent Jeanne Meserve played an anchor. “A network of hacktivists known as The Void today threatened to unleash, and I’m quoting here, ‘a global day of extreme action against US interests and organizations, both private and government-related,’” she read.
    Watch her remarks in full:
    A few months following the “successful” exercise in cyberattack response, FEMA Chief of Staff Jason McNamara joined Obsidian Analysis as vice president. For the hackers, the quick switch from the public sector to a closely associated private contractor was enough to raise suspicions of collusion. Anonymous alleges that McNamara’s transition to the private sector is evidence of a profit-driven motive for the escalation of cyber warfare. 
    More from GlobalPost: Big Data: What NBA stats can teach you about NSA surveillance
    Anonymous has suffered from infighting and confusion in recent months, resulting in sloppy hacking operations like OpNorthKorea. In that operation, intended to be an attack against what is deemed to be a dictatorial North Korean regime, several South Korean sites were hacked, but promises to reveal secret North Korean military documents were never fulfilled.
    But this fresh attack against FEMA, a US target, more closely resembles the powerful and organized Anonymous of old. In contrast to Anonymous Twitter campaigns that openly advertise pet political causes, this attack was meant to come as a complete surprise and to embarrass a powerful US government entity.
    Members of the hacktivist group insist it's a public service.
    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” one Anon said to GlobalPost, using a Latin phrase meaning, “Who watches the watchmen?”
    “Anonymous can guarantee that we are watching” the US intelligence community, the hacker added.

    Tuesday, 16 July 2013

    Students admit hacking FG website

    Students admit hacking FG website

    Two students have admitted hacking Fine Gael's website – in the weeks leading up to the 2011 general election – as a “stunt” to embarrass the party.

    Computer experts Darren Martyn (aged 21) from Cloonbeggin, Claregalway, Galway, and 20-year-old Donncha O Cearrbhail from The Ring, Birr, Co. Offaly are the first to be successfully prosecuted in Ireland for computer hacking and will be sentenced in October.

    The high-tech whizzkids, who used the online aliases 'Raepsauce' and 'Palladium', had been identified by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation in conjunction with US law enforcement agency the FBI, Dublin District Court heard.

    They pleaded guilty today to criminal damage to the website, which was defaced, had its database stolen and was knocked offline for 24 hours after it was hacked on January 9, 2011 – seven weeks before the general election.

    The site – set up for the election campaign– had invited readers to submit comments and contact details and had just under 2,000 subscribers.

    Mr Martyn studies forensic science and analysis, at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT); co-defendant Donncha O Cearrbhail – who is the son of Offaly Independent Councillor John Carroll – is a student of medicinal chemistry at Trinity College Dublin.

    The Director of Public Prosecutions had decided that the pair should be tried by “summary disposal”, at district court level, only if they pleaded guilty to the cybercrime. Otherwise they would face trial before a judge and jury in a Circuit Criminal Court which can impose tougher sentences.

    Today the students' lawyers indicated that guilty pleas were being entered.
    In evidence, Garda fraud squad officers told Judge Ann Ryan that on January 9, 2011, the site had been hacked.

    Detectives Marion Brennan and Paul Johnstone told Dublin District Court that the pair replaced the text on the site with the words “owned by Raepsauce and Palladium”.

    The site's subscribers' database was stolen and published on the internet and was also sent to a journalist.

    The site was inaccessible for 24 hours and according to Fine Gael it cost €10,000 to get it up and running again. No one suffered as a result of the subscriber list data being taken, the judge also noted.

    Det Gda Brennan agreed with Martyn's solicitor Matthew Kenny that “it was a stunt to embarrass a political party rather than to disclose data to the public at large”.

    Mr Kenny said the GMIT student, who has no prior criminal convictions, had made full admissions, co-operated with the investigation and had pleaded guilty at an early stage.

    The young computer expert “is a poacher turned gamekeeper” and now uses his skills to help prevent websites being hacked. He has “attracted contracts from the UK such is the level of his expertise,” Mr Kenny also said.

    The student was willing to pay for his share of the damage but his family were of limited means and he would need time to get the money, Judge Ryan was told.

    Solicitor Eugene Dunne, for O Cearrbhail, asked the court to note that his client was aged 17 at the time and has no previous criminal convictions, and had also pleaded guilty at an early stage.

    The Trinity student was also willing to pay for the damage caused to the website, he said.

    The offence, at district court level, can led to a conviction, a fine and can carry a maximum 12-month jail term.

    Judge Ryan described the offence as “a terrible abuse of talent” and said they had used their expertise in “a criminal way”. She warned that it could result in possible sentences but noted that the offence had not caused any long-term problems.

    She adjourned the case until October to let them each bring €5,000 to court to pay for the damage to the Fine Gael site. She also asked the Probation Service to prepare a restorative justice report on the hackers.

    This can involve a meeting between the offender and the victim to discuss the impact of the crime as well as a letter of apology and an action plan of activities.

    The judge indicated that if the money is paid and the report is positive, the Probation Act would be applied which would see the students spared custodial sentences and criminal records.

    The pair, who were accompanied to the hearing by family members, did not address the court and were remanded on continuing bail pending sentence after the judge heard that they were found to be suitable for inclusion in the restorative justice programme.

    187 Sites of Israel Hacked by Mafia Security ‪#‎freepalestine‬

    187 Sites of Israel Hacked by Mafia Security