Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cyber Attack On Ministry Of Justice Website

The Ministry of Justice website was brought down for several hours by a cyber attack, the department has confirmed.
The site was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which creates a massive surge in traffic to the target's website overloading the system, during Tuesday night.
The Ministry of Justice said in a Twitter post:  "Unfortunately the Justice website is down following a DDoS attack last night, we are working hard to bring it back online ASAP."
The service was restored after several hours.

An increasing number of organisations have become the victims of DDoS attacks, including NatWest in December, which left customers unable to access online accounts.
In March, a dispute between a web-hosting company and a spam-prevention group unleashed a cyberattack so concentrated it is reportedly slowing down the internet.
At its height, the strike on spam-blocker Spamhaus is understood to have involved an attack rate of 300 gigabytes per second, making it the largest DDoS attack ever recorded.
However, there have been reports in recent days of a larger attack against CloudFlare, a global content delivery network firm, that was close to 400 gigabytes per second.
Matthew Prince, CloudFlare's chief executive, tweeted: "Someone's got a big, new cannon. Start of ugly things to come."
Speaking to Sky News in December, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, who is overseeing the strategy to defend the UK's computer systems from attack said that cyber security was a "never-ending battle".
"The need to raise awareness will continue for ever, it will always be a work in progress," 

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