Friday, 4 July 2014

NigeriaCyberArmy [Biggest Hit on Nigeria]

    Nigeria Cyber Army SHots on EDucation Sector And Government Sector, Mid year 2014 Jan -June :)
    We Are : Mrp0r74L Da HaX0r L0rD - R3D Sp34r - cYb3r M4R$#4L - B4tchFw34k - DR41DeY - MrGhost - Angel Dot ID - Zombie 1337 - Bitire215 - Wisnu404
    ✔The Nigerian Army E- Application Portal- Nigerian Army [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Cybersecurity of Nigeria, Official Website [+] Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔Nigeria's Ministry of Police Affairs [+] Struck by R3D-spear
    ✔Government Integrated Financial and Management Information System (GIFMIS) [+] Struck by R3D-spear
    ✔Federal Firefighters Nigeria [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔National Assembly, Federal Republic Of Nigerian (Nass) [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Ministry Of Interior, Federal Republic Of Nigerian [+] Struck by R3D-spear
    ✔EFCC-Group, Nigeria [+] Struck by Bitire215
    ✔Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔LagosAgricYes [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Omo-Ogun EKITI & RIVERS STATE [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k | MarShaLL
    ✔Blaze FM Radio Station 91.5 FM Official Site [+] Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔Kaduna state government website [+] Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔Imo state Government website [+] struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign website [+] Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔Federal Government Raw Materials Research AND Development Council Website [+]Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔Federal Government TRAde Hub [+] Struck by B4tchFw34k
    ✔BluePrint Magazine Official Website [+] Struck by CyberMarshall
    ✔FCTA Education Secretatiat Owned [+] Struck by b4tchFw34k
    ✔Nigerian National Conference Official Website Owned [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Lagos state House of Assemble Website [+] Struck by b4tchFw34k
    ✔National Open Distance Education Committee [+] Struck by b4tchFw34k
    ✔141 Nigerian Website Down [+] Struck by MrGhost
    ✔Ebonyi State University [+] Struck by DR41DeY
    ✔Moshood Abiola Polytecnic Website (Mapoly) [+] Struck by b4tchFw34k
    ✔Bayero University, Kano state [+] Struck by bitire215
    ✔Madonna Univeristy, Nigeria [+] Struck by R3D-spear
    ✔The Federal University of Technology Akure aka (Futa) [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Rivers State University of Science & Technology [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Federal University OYE-EKITI [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Ignatius Ajuru University of Education [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔AFE BABALOLA University Ado Ekiti [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔University of Lagos College of Medicine (UNILAG) [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Federal University of Technology, Owerri (Futo) [+] Struck by Mrp0r741
    ✔Flying Dove Institute [+] Struck by Mrp0r741 and R3D-spear
    ✔Novena University [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Federal University Gashua, Yobe State [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔The Film and BroadCast Academy, Ozoro [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Nigerian Institute of Architects Lagos State Chapter [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Lighthouse Polytechnic [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Enugu State College of Education, Enugu state [+] Struck by NCA
    ✔Gombe State University, Gombe State [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Shaka Polytechnic, Benin City, Edo state [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Kwara State University, Kwara State [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Bowen University [+] Struck by B4tchfw34k
    ✔Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology [+] Struck by NCA
    NigeriaCYberArmy [NCA] Copyright 2014.

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