Sunday, 1 February 2015

CyberBerkut has opened criminal activity of the deputy of the Supreme Rada and the leader of Praviy Sector (Right Sector)

31.01.2015 CyberBerkut has blocked a site of the prime minister of Ukraine

Today we, CyberBerkut, repeatedly address to Arseny Jatsenjuk with the requirement immediately to stop terror of the people of Ukraine! On a pointer of the transatlantic owners this citizen has transformed there is no time the prospering country in a nursery of neo-nazism, gangsterism and corruption. Absolutely nonprofessional activity on a post of the prime minister it has finished economy of Ukraine to a disastrous condition, having plundered with the gang of helpers the state treasury and having cast the Ukrainian people in abyss of war, poverty, unemployment and despair.

Today we have blocked work of a site of the prime minister of Ukraine


We again persistently demand from mister Jatsenjuka to leave a post held by it, and then to relieve the country of ourselves.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

31.01.2015 CyberBerkut has opened criminal activity of the deputy of the Supreme Rada and

the leader of Praviy Sector (Right Sector) D.Jarosh

We, CyberBerkut, remind, that today has expired the term which has been released by us to the Kiev junta on the termination of murder of peace people on Donbass.

Once again we were convinced what to appeal to a voice of reason of these bad people for which lives of simple Ukrainians mean nothing, is useless.

We inform, that constantly being in an information field of Ukraine, have got access to computer networks of legal service of D.Jarosh and its personal computer. Today we spread the documents testifying to criminal activity of this leader of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, confirming numerous facts about illegal captures of the various enterprises and objects of the real estate, cynical captures at the Ukrainian citizens of private business and fulfilment of other economic crimes of D.Jarosh and its helpers. Thus all stolen money is deduced into offshore accounts and firms on Cyprus, registered on figureheads. Now all will be known, that by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis led by D.Jarosh, are an ordinary gang, and to the politician, since a Maidan, use for cover of criminal activity and enrichment at the expense of citizens of Ukraine.

Other documents is in archive:
archive 1
archive 2
archive 3

Having studied them, you can spend investigation and estimate scope of criminal activity of the head of the neo-Nazi organisation. Conclusions do.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

28.01.2015 CyberBerkut gained access to Ukrainian Military Attorney’s PC

In the Southeast the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeated again. The adventurous attack of the Ukrainian forces in Donetsk was interrupted and totally wrecked by the militia. A huge group of the Ukrainian troops got into a trap near Debaltsevo. And it can be eliminated soon.

The price of "the Blitzkrieg" is heavy: during two last weeks the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost 1100 soldiers, above 100 tanks. Dozens of soldiers and officers have been captured by the guardians of Donbass. Now these scary numbers are the greatest secrets of the Kiev junta. The leadership of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Defense and the President Poroshenko spare no efforts to convince public opinion of Ukraine that “there are no casualties”, “enemy is defeated”, and “thousands of terrorists are eliminated”.

But the reality is different: the forces are demoralized and surrender, there are no reserves, mobilization makes no progress, and conscripts run away to Russia and to the West. The leadership of the so-called Antiterrorist Operation is in panic, it makes crazy orders, forms anti-retreat forces in a rear, send unskilled recruits to attack highly-trained militia’s defense. At the same time criminal commanders are first to run from the battlefield and prosecutors make for themselves certificates of warfare participants and get benefits for it. Moreover, the population of the nearby combat territories suffers from deserters and looters, maniacs and murderers wearing uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

The order of Lieutenant-General S.N. Popko, the first deputy head of the Antiterrorist center at the Ukrainian Security Council (the Commander of the ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

The report of Ukraine's Deputy Prosecutor-General – Chief military prosecutor A. Matios about illegal traffic of arms and ammunition from the Antiterrorist Operation by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The document is about homicide investigations of civilian people by Ukrainian army.

The list of military deserters.
The list of military deserters

The document unveils the action plan of the General Staff of Ukraine to stabilize moral and psychological condition of Ukrainian soldiers on the eve of the active phase of the Antiterrorist Operation.

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