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We CyberBerkut, continue to analyze the post of the head of the Polish weapons "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovskogo, information from which we have already partially published on our site.

We CyberBerkut, continue to analyze the post of the head of the Polish weapons "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovskogo, information from which we have already partially published on our site.

CyberBerkut found that the company "Spetstehnoeksport" (part of the group "Ukroboronprom") actively cooperates with the "Level 11" on the supply of arms to third countries. A recent example - the purchase by Qatar air defense systems S-125-2D "Pechora-2A".

As it turned out, in addition to the anti-aircraft guns, the delegation of the Qatari Ministry of Defense was interested in the possibility of purchasing from "Spetstehnoeksport" big party Soviet-made bombs. And, judging by the letter A.Pashinskogo (Director of the Department of SHE) to the head of the Polish company "Level 11", the representatives of Qatar are ready to buy a bomb at a price significantly higher than the market. Obviously, the question really is urgent, because "OFAB 250-270" costs around $ 700 apiece.

The project end-user certificate is registered as the recipient of the Ministry of Defence of Qatar, the exporter - "Spetstehnoeksport" importer - "Level 11". At the same time there is a line "agent", which listed the Cyprus offshore company "Blessway Ltd", which, as we know, leads V.Babitsky.

On arms of the Air Forces of Qatar are French fighters "Mirage 2000" and light attack aircraft "Alpha Jet", which is clearly not characterized by the use of Soviet bombs. Therefore we have a natural question arises: why would Qatar old Soviet-made bombs?

It is worth noting that the high-explosive fragmentation bomb is not necessary to throw off the plane - it can undermine and on the ground, if there is such a need. So we can not exclude the possibility that these weapons can be an amazing way to Syria and explode in some lively place to then accuse Russia of bombing civilians.

In any case, non-transparent supply of Ukrainian weapons through front companies and offshore in the Middle Eastern countries, taking into account the current difficult situation in the world - it is very short-sighted and ill-timed. But who says the war and who is our mother.

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

11/21/2015, the AA guns for Qatar. Poles supplied Ukrainian weapons to militants LIH

We CyberBerkut, continue to parse the mail chapter of the Polish arms company "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovskogo, information from which we have already partially announced in October.

Looking Kzhykovskogo conversation with Vasily Babitsky (Vice-President of "Level 11"), we drew attention to a letter from a certain Vladimir Kurucz.

Just a few queries in a search engine, and we find that Vladimir Yanovich Kuruc a very real person who works as a part of Ukrainian diplomatic missions in Qatar and it takes an adviser on trade and economic issues.

In the letter there are two investments, of which it is clear that the Ministry of Defence of Qatar in September 2015 to actively seek options for the purchase of anti-aircraft missile systems.

Obviously, for this purpose Qatari military delegation visited the international exhibition "Arms and Security-2015", held in Kiev from 22 to 27 September.

There Qatari military and agreed to "Ukroboronprom" on the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems S-125-2D "Pechora-2A".

At Vladimir Kurucz seems no doubt that a major arms contracts to be signed, so it merges inside information (obviously for a percentage of the transaction) to his good friend Basil Babitsky and offers to make money on transportation rather overall air defense system in Qatar, and maybe even a coma.

It would seem that in this correspondence is not absolutely nothing interesting, except, perhaps, in such cases the traditional corruption component: Concern "Ukroboronprom" and Polish company "Level 11" has already concluded tens if not hundreds of arms contracts.

However, there is a caveat. In late September, everyone knew that already appeared in Syria Russian aircraft and they will bomb the terrorists LIH.

And then the question arises: why Qatar, which is actually the title sponsor of the Islamic state, needed to buy at this time anti-aircraft missile systems "Pechora"?

The conclusions suggest themselves. And especially cynical these contacts Kiev and Polish weapons magnates with Qatar look at the background of the tragedy of the Russian aircraft Airbus A321 in the Sinai, and large-scale terrorist attacks Paris.

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

11.13.2015 Mr. Soros's shock troops in Russia gays and decadent

CyberBerkut remains in closed computer networks of the presidential administration of Ukraine. As we announced in the material about the visit of the American billionaire George Soros in Kiev, publishing a series of confidential documents relating to Russia.

We have proved to be a detailed plan of action fund "Open Society" in relation to Russia, 2014-2017, called "Russia Project Strategy" ("Project Russia").

The document clearly identified the main directions of the Fund for the period, including: combating the resonance law 2012-2013, adopted after mass protests in Moscow, the "involvement" of Russian intellectuals in the global exchange of views and support of the Russian LGBT movement and its popularization.

"Project Russia" provides for work in three main areas:

-zakonodatelnaya support of sexual minorities;

-Support "independent" and alternative media;

-Create a new and support existing projects intended for social mobilization.

The document notes that the Fund will support its partners in each of these areas, "investing in their development and expansion."And the ultimate goal of all these efforts is the formation of "a transparent, efficient and effective in terms of the organization of the third sector" (according to the well-known theory of the "three sectors", the first sector - the state, the second - the private and the third - non-state).

Soros believes that despite the significant limitations in the work of non-profit organizations in Russia, however, the question of the formation of "civil society" is still on the agenda. Accordingly, before the "Project Russia" opens a wide field of activity.

First of all, it is about "Save the protest potential of a certain part of the population dissatisfied with strengthening of authoritarianism in Russia." The authors of the document believe it necessary to use young people (especially the urban middle class), which "wants to take part in the formation of Russian society."

Runet, the Russian Internet, or on the basis of the strategy is one of the most important tools by which can be provided with access to uncontrolled state information.

Despite the changes in the Russian legislation, "Project Russia" plans to continue to "strengthen the legitimacy of the controlled entity" through a variety of grants and training programs. And the focus is not only on expanding the network of non-profit organizations, but also combining them in coalitions and alliances.

As one of the ways of funding the third sector strategy involves crowdsourcing (fundraising online). It is believed that this technique is widely used by charitable organizations, but largely underestimated by the civil society in Russia.

In the context of legislative support of sexual minorities, the strategy of "Project Russia" identifies the key human rights NGOs, which will provide organizational support for 2014-2017 years. Among them, "Public Verdict," "Man and Law", "Agora", "Memorial" and others.

According to the document, access to "independent media and alternative media" is provided by the following organizations: the center of public opinion polls, "Levada Center", an independent think "Carnegie" in Moscow, information-analytical center on intolerance and xenophobia "Owl" and others . Moreover, support for these structures is considered to be "urgently required".

Notably in the above list of organizations supported by the Soros has our beloved "Fund the fight against corruption," Alexei Navalny. Earlier CyberBerkut have dissected his connection with projects Anton Gerashchenko, now we know who is financing all this.

Moreover, the document also states that for the dissemination of different ideas are widely used not only to social networks Facebook, Livejournal, but the discussion and portals, as well as the liberal media like radio "Echo of Moscow", the news agency "RBC" and the newspaper "Vedomosti".

Platforms designed for "social mobilization", is planned to develop not only online but also offline. One of the most successful and reliable projects that combine both an information resource and a forum for discussion, in a document called the NGO "Granit" from Perm.

The full text of the strategy of "Project Russia", 2014-2017 can be found here (open file).

Russian law "Foreign Agents" caused great concern Fund "Open Society" (and its grantees) and set-established scheme of work at risk. Therefore, the leaders of "Project Russia" had to request a collaborating non-profit organizations is evidence, whether they intend to go to the status of a foreign agent, and in this case, to deal with their financial support. We have proved to the document, which appear in the "Memorial", "Moscow Helsinki Group", "Fund the fight against corruption", "For Human Rights", "The Committee against Torture" and others. The full text can be found here (open file).

In addition, at our disposal was another curious document Fund "Open Society," which disclose the specific amounts that were transferred to Russian grantees in 2008-2013. It all the same well-known companies: "Agora" ($ 100,000), "the Committee against Torture" ($ 200 thousand), "Freedom of Information Foundation" ($ 240 thousand), "Fund of Struggle against Corruption" ($ 240 thousand), "Lawyers of the constitutional rights and freedoms "($ 300 thousand)," Memorial "($ 230 thousand)," MHG "($ 50 thousand) and others. The full text of the summary table of distribution of the fund "Open Society" here (open file).

There is no doubt that the information made public by us will hit the so-called third sector, which seeks to take control of George Soros not only in Russia, but throughout the former Soviet Union. Mystery visit of US tycoon to Ukraine shows that our country has become the springboard of his expansion into neighboring countries. At the same time, the Ukrainians obviously destined silent slaves overseas puppeteers.

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

11/12/2015 CyberBerkut disclose the details of the visit of George Soros to Ukraine

CyberBerkut remains in closed computer networks of the presidential administration of Ukraine. While American billionaire George Soros visited Kiev, we want to introduce you to a number of confidential documents relating to his stay in Ukraine.

The arrival of a businessman, as usual, is not advertised, the more the general public do not know the reasons for his visit to us.Recall that a year ago, George Soros published a large analytical article "Europe wake up", in which he outlined his vision of further development of Ukraine. He literally Naftogaz called "black hole" for the Ukrainian budget and called as soon as possible to carry out a radical reform of the energy sector and public utilities.

As you can see, almost a twofold increase in tariffs for public services for the population - the only thing that made Kyiv within the framework of the reform.

Soros, as if he himself did not name, was and still is an American businessman, so he sees Ukraine (or rather, its gas transmission system) as a big project or a business asset. Accordingly, the Ukrainians themselves excite him as a tool and nothing more.

On the eve of his visit to Ukraine, Soros wrote a letter to the prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (on September 19), which recognizes the achievements of the Cabinet in the field of debt restructuring and expressed concern about rising public discontent due to higher tariffs. True to the debt of Ukraine the situation remains very difficult: Bloomberg reports that Russia plans to block the granting of new loans to Kiev from the IMF because of the outstanding debts on Eurobonds in the amount of $ 3 billion.

George Soros is well aware that in November, Ukrainians received their first bills with high heating bills and notes that the system of subsidies for utilities does not actually work.

So he wrote Yatsenyuk two possible scenarios for the November-December: a population will cease to pay for gas, which will lead to an increase in debt of 1.5 billion hryvnia per month, or under the slogans of populist parties of people take to the streets than jeopardize not only Energy of Ukraine, but also the government Yatsenyuk. The second scenario is called "pessimistic" and is actually a warning of the possibility of a new "Maidan".

To avoid such consequences, Soros Yatsenyuk offers two options. The first of these involves the issuance of loans to citizens applying for subsidies. This billionaire absolutely do not care that most of the population of Ukraine, and so barely making ends meet, which means that in the foreseeable future they will have nothing to give these debts.

The second option is to transfer a fixed amount to the account of households who do not receive subsidies. However, this lump sum will not be able to cover all the bills for the colder months. In fact, Soros proposes to put people in a desperate situation: either take the credit, or be satisfied with a one-time handout, and then pay the full amount.

In his reply on October 8 Yatsenyuk thanked the businessman for help and highlights three key areas of work, requiring the participation of Soros: the completion of the reform of the gas, energy efficiency and the development of a strategy to attract foreign direct investment to Ukraine. Thus, our Prime recognizes the complete and final financial dependence of our country from Western creditors.

According to the schedule of the visit, which proved to be at our disposal, from George Soros in Kiev quite a busy program: every day at several meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian establishment, to a greater or lesser extent, involved in the financial and energy sectors.

First of all, Soros plans to meet with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. We have learned the content of their conversation, a key component of which was the predictable fate of "Naftogaz".

The document intended for Soros says that he should praise Poroshenko for the ongoing efforts to implement reforms, to discuss the economic situation, the Minsk Agreement, and elections to local self-government.

Next on the schedule is followed by a meeting with the prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko, US Ambassador to Ukraine, the leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine and Yevhen Bystrytsky of "International Renaissance Foundation" (a subsidiary of Soros Foundation). At the same time, interestingly, all this happens behind the scenes and non-public. The media do not mention these meetings.

It should be noted that his meeting the American billionaire will not with random people, the builders of "new Ukrainian democracy", and with members of Soros-controlled agencies in charge of carrying out reforms favorable to the West. Thanks to these reforms, the United States fully absorb the energy and financial sector of Ukraine.

In addition, Soros had planned a separate meeting with the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko November 9 this year, which also must be present Rashkovan Vladislav, deputy head of the NBU. That he plays the role of the curator of the reform of the banking system. Also, apparently, it will be the curator of the proposed credit system Soros poor that American billionaire discussed with the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk in the letters.

An interesting fact is that in meetings with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, according to the schedule Soros, will attend the general manager of "Dragon Capital" Tomas Fiala. "Dragon Capital" is one of the largest investment-banking in Ukraine, which accumulate investments of foreign companies in Ukraine.

His attention Soros and not deprived Ukrainian oligarchs Pinchuk, Akhmetov and Taruta.

The American businessman is scheduled to meet with experts, members of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety:

- Olga Belkova (Block Petro Poroshenko, is familiar with the American elite, she also previously headed the charitable organization of Viktor Pinchuk, a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, United States);

Clinton and O.Belkova seem familiar

- Victoria Voytsitskaya ("self-help", graduated from Brandeis International Business School, USA);

- Alex Ryabchin ("Fatherland", in 2013 he graduated from the British University of Sussex, in 2014, he was an employee of Ukrainian kriznogo media center, also while he was a freelance correspondent for the newspaper "Washington Post");

- Alexander Rogozin (Energy Association of Ukraine).

Private dinner is scheduled at the George Soros Andrei Kobelev and Yuri Vitrenko ("Naftogaz") and Georges Massoud ("McKinsey & Company"). "McKinsey & Company" - US international consulting company providing services to private business, governments, NGOs.

November 11 Soros spend dinner with the people's deputies of Ukraine:

- Mustafa Nye (Block Petro Poroshenko, former well-known journalist, and now - the curator of the police reform)

Cater--Natalya Buckovski (Popular Front, responsible for energy reform, he graduated from University College, London, a graduate of the program the Victor Pinchuk Foundation);

-Alena Shkrum ("Fatherland", attended a course at the University of Cambridge, UK, was an intern at the Canadian MP Peter Julian);

-Anna CSAC (was excluded from the "self-help" 31 August 2015., Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations);

-Sergei Leshchenko (Block Petro Poroshenko, Anti-Corruption Committee, a long time was the deputy chief editor of "Ukrainian Truth").

Soros will meet November 12 with Adrian Karatnycky, a member of the Atlantic Council (part of the American company operates "Myrmidon Group LLC", a company engaged in investments in Ukraine). Karatnycky regularly published in editions of "Foreign Affairs", "the Washington Post", "Newsweek", "the Wall Street Journal". It is noteworthy that friends on Facebook have Karatnycky present in virtually all of the above Ukrainians.

Soros will meet with Alexei Pavlenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Minister of Economic Development Aivaras Abromavicius and, of course, his old friends still on Georgia, and now head of the Odesa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

This is supposedly a secret program of the visit of the American billionaire George Soros to Ukraine.

The red line in all documents held an interest in the fate of a businessman, "Naftogaz" Ukrainian gas transportation system and complete indifference to the fate of the 40 million Ukrainians: no money to pay for gas? - Give them credit!

The Government, through the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk recognizes the full financial Ukraine's dependence on the West.At the same time long-term system of cooperation with Russian business and the public sector collapsed and corruption was developed to an unprecedented scale.

The aim of the West in the person of George Soros is not taking care of the young Ukrainian democracy, and the pressure on the Kremlin (we still have in stock documents and plans of a businessman in Russia). Ukraine once again for its long history of conflict becomes the buffer zone, which means that the full impact of indirect confrontation between the West and Russia will fall on the shoulders of the long-suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Archive documents can be downloaded here:

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

10/29/2015 of CyberBerkut hacked Internet projects Anton Gerashchenko

We CyberBerkut, continue to be in the computer networks Kiev junta. After the defeat of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, we declare war on Kiev's main ideologue Anton Gerashchenko information wars.

We've already opened the corruption schemes adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, related to money laundering in the supply of arms from Eastern Europe to the Middle East.

Now it came to his media projects.

We were able to hack into the network infrastructure of information resources Gerashchenko, including sites such as "Informnapalm," "The Peacemaker," "" and "Burkonyuz." For Professionals spread detailed technical report on theburglary.

Hacking Resources Gerashchenko gave us huge amounts of information, which we continue to analyze. We will gradually acquaint you with the results of their research.

At the moment, we can bring intermediate results.

Here is the chart of the People's Deputy of Ukraine and its electronic projects with the Russian human rights organization "Fund of struggle against corruption", "cargo-200" and "LostIvan".

For obvious reasons we do not reveal our sources. To confirm some of the data spread conversation "Peacemaker" and the head of the website "cargo-200" Elena Vasilyeva, who shamelessly buried in the Ukraine is not a football team under the guise of "Russian occupiers".

Vasilyeva merges Gerashchenko information about Russian citizens on one of his mailboxes lyst2sbu, which also runs the project "The Peacemaker." As can be seen from the correspondence, all data on the Russians, who sends Vasilyeva, enter the Security Service of Ukraine.

Please note the ease with which rents Vasilyeva SBU their fellow citizens involved in a humanitarian assistance for the collection of Donbass:

A small digression. Our "hot favorite" "right sector" dedicated. You used on the Maidan, and on July 21, 2015 began to slowly merge, as in the open Gerashchenko said in his letter:

But that's not the point.

As we can see from the correspondence Vasilyeva, Gerashchenko is actively cooperating with the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Chief of the Defence Intelligence.

In addition, based on the data, we found that the media resources Gerashchenko integrated into the cyber NATO, in particular site "Peacemaker" is tied to (see. diagram)

Thus, there is a clear mechanism for the work centered on the Anton Gerashchenko. Customers throughout this tumultuous media activities are the Atlantic Council and to identify previously "Soros Foundation". In addition, Gerashchenko traced contacts with similar projects like the western "Billingcat", whose style is remarkably similar to the work of "Informnapalma."

Specific implementing all the ideas of the West in Russia are George Alburi of "Fund of struggle against corruption", the same Elena Vasilieva of "cargo-200" Ruslan Leviev from "LostIvan".

That's a short circuit across the "Anatomy of betrayal." We can now understand the real motives of the anti-Russian propaganda machine, a millstone that hit at the same time and our country. In fact, Ukraine, as such, very few people are interested in ...

PS All correspondence Vasilyeva in her "Facebook" can be read here.

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

10.23.2015 Mr. Avakov and Gerashchenko "roof" arms shipments from Europe to the Middle East

We CyberBerkut, declare that we have been able to uncover corruption schemes arms trade, which involved top management of Ukraine.

This week we hacked emails head of the Polish arms company "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovskogo. Materials found there became the basis of our investigation, the results of which today we are ready to share with you.

According to these documents "Level 11" supplies to Ukraine military products through state-owned scientific and industrial association "Fort", located in Vinnitsa and included in the structure of the Ministry of Interior. The head of the institution for more than 10 years, Police Major General Viktor Pisarenko.

His machinations have repeatedly been the subject of investigative journalism, but managed to survive all Pisarenko lustration is primarily due to the close personal ties to Peter Poroshenko, and Vladimir Groisman, whose political career is inextricably connected with Vinnitsa.

I load it with the new head of his - minister Avakov. To do this just had to be a general comprehension, and if the minister recommends partners "Level 11", you have to agree. Let's start from the beginning.

As already noted, one of the key partners of "Fort" recently a Polish company "Level 11". For example, end-user certificate for the supply of two million rounds of ammunition "Luger" and "Makarov".

Companies in the Ukrainian market has led the minister Avakov and his freelance adviser to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

And contributed to this National Security Council Secretary and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov.

However, direct access to the National Security Council at the Kzhykovskogo not. As can be seen from the post of the Polish "businessman", the interests of his company in Ukraine lobbied Anton Gerashchenko.

In the correspondence of the head of the Polish arms company "Level 11" we also found a contract for the supply of 265 twin 23 mm anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 over $ 14 million. Euros, allegedly destined for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The contract as a contract. The question is, why did the National Guard of Ukraine as anti-aircraft installations, leave for Ukrainian journalists.

It turns out, "Level 11" sopodryadchikov uses in the performance of contracts. In the case of the "Fort" I was so sopodryadchikom company "Blessway ltd", registered in Cyprus and led by a certain Basil Babitsky. For example, a document that discusses general Pisarenko Babitsky delivery to Ukraine of ammunition.

But Ukraine is not the only business partner "Blessway ltd". And so, in one of the contracts for the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia, among other items, we found 265 (!) Twin 23-mm anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2. Somewhere we have already seen this number! Is Ukraine instead of the weapon went straight to Saudi Arabia?

It would seem, and here the "Level 11", "Blessway ltd", the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Gerashchenko and Avakov.

In fact, everything is simple. Firstly, the director of the Cypriot company "Blessway ltd" Vasily Babitsky - a citizen of Ukraine.

And secondly, at the same time he holds the position of vice-president of "Level 11". Open Polish database is also called a co-owner and shareholder of this company. Now I understand why in the mail Kzhykovskogo so many documents "Blessway ltd".

As a result, full circle: Babitsky Kzhykovsky through Ukraine and sell each other weapons with an enormous wrap, and the company Pisarenko-Gerashchenko-Avakov "masters" of Western financial aid to the reform of the power structures, in addition getting kickbacks from arms barons.

And none of the above did not care that this weapon is not used by armed forces of Saudi Arabia, and gets to the terrorists in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. In addition to the anti-aircraft installations in other contracts might appear modern MANPADS and other weapons that shoot down any elementary warplanes. As a result, without realizing it, the Western masters Kiev junta finance the supply of weapons to be used against them in the Middle East. And there is no guarantee that the recently stricken Afghanistan American fighter F-16 has not been damaged due to the "diligence" Avakov and Gerashchenko.

PS And yet evil tongues say that Babitsky - a distant relative Avakov. And Gerashchenko he met at "zero" in the Kharkiv region, where they both Radel for the welfare Arsen Borisovich. They're lying, I guess. And, of course, a coincidence that Babitsky as Avakov, who was born in Baku.

We CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!


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